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As we all know, Corbie spent the day hanging out at E3, hamming it up in front of the camera and hobnobbing with the likes of Reggie and Shiggy. Got questions for 'im? Ask 'em here, and he's said he'll go through and answer some of 'em for us. :3

edit: good times, guys -- here's the first round. keep 'em coming! :3

edit the second: second round~

third edit: aaaaand round three! that's probably gonna be the last of 'em for now, though, because there's other stuff that needs to be finished up now that he's home. thank you, Corbie! :3

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1. How thick is the 3DS?
2. Did you play Kirby Yarn Epic?
3. Did you clap at the trailers?
4. Where you expecting Donkey Kong?
5. Howabout Kid Icarus?
6. Where you disappointed that no Pikmin 3 trailer was there?
7. Did you play Epic Mickey?
8. Where the controls good?
9. Disappointed about the lack of Sexy Poker 2?
10. Out of questions...?

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How was the Pokémon Black and White coverage, if any? There was apparently supposed to be something, but no one reported it.

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Can you name all the demos you played?

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Did the 3D work as well as expected, and were you the sexiest booth babe there?



How good is the 3D effect of the 3DS, and how well does the slider that varies the 3D effect work? Also, what exactly did you play when you tried out the 3DS?

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AlexSays wrote:

and were you the sexiest booth babe there?

Did u see that bandana? Bow chika wow ow.

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Does the 3DS support any type of downloadable games such as 3DSWare or perhaps a handheld Vitual Console?

Have you seen the game cards for the 3DS and if so how big are they?

Are the buttons on the 3DS clicky like the DSi or soft like the DS lite?

Was there any sign of Dragon Quest X for the Wii or the DS remake of Dragon Quest VI at E3?

Did you witness the money printing feature of the 3DS?

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On the 3DS, is the 3D slider the same thing as the analog looking thing or are they separate?

What was your favorite thing being showcased at E3?

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I'm not sure how extensive your time with the 3DS was, but did you find the effect was in any way irritating? Not parents-stealing-your-cell-phone irritating; I'm talking mild headaches, eye-aches, nausea, loss of muscle control or violent seizures (those last two were jokes, but I genuinely want to know if it caused headaches).

Also, do you think this 3D is really the stuff of the future? Is this really a game-changing addition or is it merely a visual novelty?

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As far as you can tell, will the 3DS be backwards compatible?? (in whatever capacity you want to interpret)

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Also, has Nintendo said anything about transferring already-downloaded DSiWare games to the 3DS? This is a serious problems when transferring VC/WiiWare purchases to a new console, so I'm wondering if they've conjured up some sort of solution.

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If you played Kirby, can you suck enemies up or steal their powers in any way?
If you played DK, how awesome was it and is there co-op?

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How come the roundtable sucked so much? "I noticed Link was drinking a potion while running." Wtf is that?



If you played any of these:

  • Donkey Kong Country Returns
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising

Tell me what you thought about them. Thanks.

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