Topic: Prosody is getting hitched today

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It's not too late to run for your lite. I'm just saying...

Well, best of luck either as a married man or on the lam with a new identity.

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Is that a typo for "life," or are you saying he should have brought a DS Lite on his honeymoon? I suppose either would be good advice.

Come on, friends,
To the bear arcades again.


I think we should all chip in for some his and hers, pink and blue Wiimote jackets.

Congrats man.


Congratulations Prosody

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Congratulations Prosody!!! I am very happy for you! I hope you and your bride have a wonderful and happy life together!



Congrats man!!

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Congrats Prosody. Marriage is a wonderful thing. Oh I hope you did like I did and take your DS on your honeymoon. Great for layovers in the airports. Me and the wife played multiplayer on NSMB for hours on our honeymoon. Some passangers were getting a kick out of us on our honeymoon with our DSs.

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Congrats, Dude!

I Hope for the best for you and your wife.

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Thanks very much for all your very kind wishes! I had a wonderful day and it's lovely to come back and see such thoughtful messages here from (more or less) total strangers. I do appreciate them very much, so thanks!


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Prepare yourself for more 'editing', as his tension levels rise.



Congraturations (to quote many old console games)! It can be fun. I'm coming up on my 14th anniversary in October!

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