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Last Friday, a conversation in class led to me coming out to three people on my course and after today everyone (aside from the three people who are rarely in college) on my course knows I'm gay and it just felt so nice to be accepted by everyone. I get the feeling a lot of them had figured it out anyway but that probably made it easier.


@Fonist, very good news! :3

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@FonistofCruxis I remain neutral on the topic of GLBT, but I congratulate you on speaking out about something so personal, and for your friends not getting all mad at you and whatnot. I know that if I had something so personal inside, I would be nearly ashamed to even speak of it.


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@FronistofCruxis My words echo those of @ChrisT99's

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Thank you for the kind words everyone! I feel I'm becoming more confident in my sexuality, today I was able to tell two friends who I've known for quite a few years now and I was really nervous about it but I'm glad I did it. Even though it's gone well coming out to people so far, I still find it really hard to say the words "I'm gay". I seem to be unable to say those two words without speaking in a quiet, shaky voice but I've still made progress.

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@FonistOfCruxis The number one priority is being comfortable with yourself; and so I must applaud your bravery and honesty!

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@Fonist Glad to hear everybody has been accepting of you! Keep it up.

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@Fonist, so proud of you! Always great to hear more people feeling happy with who they are, that's what matters most~

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@FonistofCruxis It's fantastic that you have open-minded people around you.

If I may help, maybe you could say "I actually like men" in a firm stance? Because the way I see it, if I were to say "I'm gay," I sound like I'm objectifying myself and making myself sound...un-human. But I really wouldn't know the outcome. Just my two cents.

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It finally set into me that Phillip is a Mod now. I've been waiting for this place to get another mod for a while now. Hopefully this lasts.

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I got to start the day with a Spicy Chicken Biscuit from Chick-Fil-A, and my stomach didn't explode. Also grabbed me a fantastic lemonade while I was there. Love that place.

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