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I actually felt REALLY good today. Which is nice because (as most of you know) I usually don't feel well on a daily basis.
So I baked a lemon cake! With my favorite Creamcheese frosting.

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I had a breakfast dinner! I almost felt sad for my dad when I took the last bacon strip but then I ate it and the bacon overwrote all emotion

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Definitely getting the awesome game Injustice: Gods Among Us!

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I finally got an iPod touch, after waiting and saving up for so many years! I'm going to open it after I get some protective gear and after I do more homework.

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I'm not really active here anymore. So it goes.

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No more "why no Earthbound VC?" threads!!!

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Ryno wrote:

No more "why no Earthbound VC?" threads!!!

This. I've been hearing people complain about this for over 4 years now. This news pretty much made my year.

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The Earthbound fanboys will quit spamming... but other than that the LoZ: Oracle games are hitting the 3DS May 30th!!!

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Konata wrote:

Tasuki wrote:


Oh and Bravely Default coming to NA too.

and all guild02, the new zelda game, mario and luigi dream team and, well, too many good games this year!!(guess I should put this on the disapointment thread too, you all know, too many games means more games I won't be getting....)

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Everything about this Nintendo Direct.


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Legend of Zelda 3DS! and Earthbound! and Everything!

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Uhhhh... I like potatoes...

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Groose_Lord wrote:

Legend of Zelda 3DS! and Earthbound! and Everything!

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