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The L shoulder button on my 3DS is working again!

Oh, and there was an event called '3E' or something like that today.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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I learned Dante's "Empty Cancel" in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Also, I found myself thinking about the well being of @Rosalina for a while.



Zelda U being shown

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Hyrule Warriors. My patience will not make it.



@Gioku I was incredibly ecstatic when Sonic was announced as a veteran. My heart left my chest in excitement.



I'm done with my freshmen year! Two months of freedom!!


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I've just been asked out on my first date ever. Wish me luck!

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Cyb3Rnite wrote:

I've just been asked out on my first date ever. Wish me luck!

That's awesome! Good luck, and have fun.


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Working the early shift today. Off at 1pm, so I've got a whole day to put into A Link Between Worlds!

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I've been spiraling into a depression for the past few months and I finally talked to someone about it.... I feel so much better. I feel the best I've felt in a long time now. I used to think talking was overrated, but talking about it actually helps so much.

I went to my really close friend and just said "hey, I think I'm depressed" and I told her everything. She'd been there before, so I knew she'd actually have something constructive and useful to say, and she did. I actually feel like I'm not alone in this anymore because someone actually gets it and understands what it feels like. So grateful to have such a good friend.

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@Gamecubed Yeah, talking can really help! I had a similar thing happen recently, except with anxiety instead of depression! You don't have to tell the world, but telling one person can make all the difference!



So I'm writing my Sofia the First Fan-Fic where King Roland is an incompetent father, and then I write this line:

Sofia was the first to ask...

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I went to a neighborhood yard sale today. One guy sold me a Sega Genesis with two first party controllers, two third party controllers, Golden Axe, and a 32x expansion for $3, (The system itself seems to be working, but I'm missing some cables, and while I can run video through the 32x, I get sound but no video. In going to pick up an AV cable later.) A nice clear plastic Gameboy Color for $3, a nice clear plastic Gameboy Advance for $3, Pokemon Pinball for $1, Pokemon Trading Card game for $1, and, the best deal of the day, a golden Majora's Mask cart for $1... with a holographic label! After countless days of yard saling and coming back with nothing, this is a nice change! I feel kind if bad for the guy who sold this stuff to me though...

Edit: I got a new cable and the Genesis works great!

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World wrote:

@Gamecubed Yeah, talking can really help! I had a similar thing happen recently, except with anxiety instead of depression! You don't have to tell the world, but telling one person can make all the difference!

Absolutely. If anyone reading this is going through a similar situation, definitely find someone to talk to. Not everyone is going to get it, but when you find the right person who actually understands and is supportive, it makes all the difference. My friend had crippling depression and was in a far worse place than I am currently, but she still gave me some excellent advice and it's been quite helpful.

There's a stigma to depression and anxiety too, and that makes it a lot harder to talk to people about. I'm personally a little embarrassed about it, because before this I was a proud, confident and fearless person. I still am, it' just that behind closed doors I tend hit these low valleys quite often. I think when you're a naturally proud person, it's a blow to your ego when you realize that there something wrong, but it's reassuring when someone gets it. Despite depression and anxiety being the most common mental illnesses in the world, you're going to always have someone saying "get over it".

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Yep yep, I will also recommend that having someone to talk to is the best way through any sort of troubles... being able to talk to someone about it is extremely, extremely helpful. I know from experience; I've been both the person who needed to talk to someone and I've been the listener before.

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I truly have to appreciate my grandparents and I love how the timing is just perfect.

I will be moving into my own place this August, which has a ton of expenses. Furniture, cleaning supplies, among other things, had me very concerned about whether or no this was going to work out.

My grandparents are downsizing so they can move into a smaller house, and they are giving me their extra furniture. My grandfather does a lot of wood work, so that accounts for some of the extras.

Right now, I have two side tables, a coffee table, a dresser, a desk that could double as an end table, and a love seat, all thanks to my grandparents. I'm so happy!

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@brewsky: Congrats on you own place. Just a tip though thrift stores and garage sales are good places to find good cheap furniture as well as stuff like dishes silverware etc.

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