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I liked it as a game, but hated it as a paper Mario game.

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i can
-Platformer,rpg, and a bad one at that.
-Lame Partners.
-Lame Bosses.
-Levels are repetitive and boring.
-1 town design, used twice
-Too easy, the only time it's remotely challenging is if you get lost.
-Used Motion Controls.
-Boring Soundtrack.
-3D mode, which you can't even stay in for long.
-Just a very boring game in general

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The only part of the game I found boring was chapter 2-3 and that part of chapter 5 where you had to repeatedly, manually select the letters for the words please for that one guy. I found it to be a really enjoyable game and I thought the pixls worked well with the game and it didn't really need multiple towns as it wasn't designed like a traditional Paper Mario game. Also, I don't see how 'Used motion controls' is a flaw. Are you saying that you just hate motion controls in general? Although, they weren't really needed for the game and they did feel rather shoehorned in but I didn't find them to be much of a problem. Boring soundtrack? Seriously? What about these great songs?
Lineland road
Castle bleck
The ultimate show
Fracktail battle
Soft light
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im tasting the rainbow!

just a nintendo gamer on a nintendo related site (who wouldve seen that one coming?)
the random user name randomly became a Pikachu.


My Paper Mario of the day, uh I mean...positive of the day.
I made myself an omelette for breakfast this morning.

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i iploaded 3 episodes of my let's play pokemon platinum and im uploading the 4th now look for FlamesOfChuie thats me

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Community Season 3 arrived on my doorstep today.

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i just bought last story but i have so many things going on i havent been playing it



I got a couple of Pandora's Tower posters for free and NSMB2 is a very good game

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Got DLC for TRFF

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I joined this forum.

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@Silverfang11, Welcome to the site

I picked up my schedule today for school this year, it was meh, but still I at least know now.

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