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@luigiMan200 - As an incoming college student who has used various scholarships to reduce his yearly tuition to between $5,000-10,000 (~£3300-6600), congrats; every bit counts.

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Had the top two comments on youtube in a video at the same time for over a hour!, someone wanted to give me a prize!

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I saw a deer in our front yard. It's not that cool though, as I see deer (and other wildlife) quite a bit at our house..

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Since I am now living in Minnesota, my parents are now renting a house! We have been staying with friends for just shy of a month for now, so we no longer want to be a "burden" to them. The contract was successfully signed, the carpet was replaced (The previous one smelled like wet dog), and we will be living in a peaceful neighborhood with very friendly people. We could move in to our new house this weekend! It is gonna be sad to leave my parents' friends (The married couple are such friendly and excellent people).



@Varia01 That's great to hear! I haven't been down there myself, but I'd sure like to see more of the states someday.

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On vacation so I get to visit NL a little more ^^.
I love visiting Minnesota/ MoA. And I'm excited for the firework show in Eagan.

And while I was in the MoA I got 5 street passes in a couple hours.
And they all had games I had which was awesome x3. I never get street passes at home any more so I was excited to get some.

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I got my uncomfortable big back bandages off and my back doesn't hurt or itch anymore with the smaller bandages. Still can't bend my back though.

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@ChrisT99 and I have been chatting for thirty days now! It's been a lot of fun talking with him (I wouldn't be entirely opposed to anyone else joining though) and I hope we get to chat for another thirty days.

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Free! anime streaming tomorrow. Been waiting for this. Now I just got to wait for Rozen Maiden and Hyperdimension Neptunia.

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I was walking my dog with my 3ds in my pocket. And a couple of minutes later after walking my dog it rained. Hopefully this doesn't damper the fireworks.

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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Only had $10 for fireworks, but I spent it well.

  • 3 Tanks (tanks are always fun)
  • 1 Jumbo Tank (Burned one of the smaller ones to a crisp, lol)
  • 4 packs of Crackle Balls (Oh goodness I love these things)
  • 1 pack of Smoke Balls
  • 1 pack of "Neon" Smoke Balls ( a slightly more expensive brand, but the colors were bolder, they lasted longer, and had fuller smoke, so definitely worth it)
  • A "Five Minute" Smoke Canister (actually lived up to it's name, so really impressed)
  • Six pack of Parachutes (put them in a circle, with their wicks meeting in the middle. Actually got all of them to light at once, and as expected, the result was epic)

All came to $9.18. Not too bad, if I do say so myself.

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Found out that all Borderlands 2 DLC was 50% off today only. WHich is nice cause I picked up Borderlands 2 for 10 dollars the other day during XBLA Ultimate Game Sale.

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Went to this Japanese store called Tomodachi and got a bunch of super cute Korean and Japanese things.
The guy even gave me a free bag of Hi-Chew (which are my favorite :3.) because he was a little late in opening the store cause I got to the mall when it opened and it wasnt open so I was depressed x3.
That store was awesome.

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I passed all my finals. In the morning a mistake was made and I saw online that I failed 2 exams. I went to the feedback in the evening and my professor was like "what are you doing here? you've passed the exam?" it was an extreme chaos I felt depressed and sad all day and all of a sudden I felt like the luckiest person in the world lol. They showed me the paper version of my grades (I didn't read there was one lol) and it said I passed. Party.

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Used a proxy website a friend told me about to look at my AP Scores early: four 5s, and one 4. I will be heading into college with 47 credit hours, or just over 3 terms of credit. Feelin' good.

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@Miss_Dark and @Birdman

Congrats to both of you~

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