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Just ten more episodes left of the Alabasta Arc in One Piece, and then I can leave it off on a high note while I take another long break from the show.

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I really hope the Code-Name NX is not a sandwich oven.

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I just bought Digivolving Agumon figure for only $15.99!!!!! HOLY CRUD! This thing goes for an average of $50! Shipping is $8.99 so it adds up to around $24, but still a steal! I've been looking for this figure at a reasonable price for around 4 years! This made my month!!

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Actually got a decent sleep. But right when i got up i deceided to check out the interwebZ and went to IGN(which i normally don't do anymore unless for Nintendo Reviews) and realised how unappealing the site 'visually' has become. They once again completely changed the look....It now looks even more boring, bare bones, streamlined, simplsitic and dull.....The background is nothing but a light shade of grey, and the 'reviews' are now just one tab(so you'll see everything they review). The site looked way better before.....Oh how IGN has fallen, well that instantly happened as soon as Matt and Bozon jumped ship. Oh well, at least they have Audrey.

After that, had some killer breakfy' watched a bit of 'Fright Night'(80's original), then decided to go out for a walk and listen to some Mightnight Star on my Cassette Playe-ahem! I mean I-Pod.
If you are ever in a bad mood, play this song/video and you'll insantly be happy!

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The staff are off on training (or something like that) so I get a day off college which means its a two day week for me (yesterday and tomorrow) as I normally go to college three days a week.


It's my birthday!!!!!!!!1

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It's my birthday!!!!!!!!1

Happy birthday!

While it technically happened yesterday, the Bronies welcomed we warmly.



I went to a museum today, and in the end of the visit there was a room with a huge screen and Kinect.
It was surpring to see kids interacting with it. They could give some steps for different sides to indicate the directions of the map in the screen, then another step forward to enter in that area and some historical information about that place would appear. They were actually interested and that seemed a nice way to teach something and to make things more fun for them. I had no idea that Kinect was being used in that way in my county tbh.



E1) I have a feeling that I will be posting in this thread often. My positive of the day is that I woke up to see today. Not everyone got that chance.

E2) It's hot outside today (local news says to stay inside), but it feels great inside because of the air conditioning. WIth Wii Fit, I can still do some kind of exercising!

Also, am I only allowed to post once a day? answered below. Thanks guys

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@AD3Supa: Nope. You can post more than once a day, just not in the same topic twice in the row.



Cool. I'll probably add on to the post I made for the day and make a new entry the next day. Thank you.

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I didn't have to go into my job today because the campus was flooded! A bit double edged, but hey.

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