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We had pizza for supper tonight (and there's more than enough left over for lunch tomorrow)!

We watched Ice Age: Continental Drift, and it was a pretty amusing way to pass the night.

Finally saw the trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain, and it was oh so glorious (have no idea if or when I'll be able to get to it, though).

I think that covers everything for Friday...

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Haha I don't mind.
That one is also my spare just for animal crossing, I'll follow you with my main.
(Don't look at how ugly my main is . It needs serious work.)

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I was hanging out with my friend having a good time, when suddenly, my first ever Shiny wild Pokemon comes popping out of the tall grass!

I'm so glad I caught it!!!!!

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I got the album Out of Ashes by Dead by Sunrise (well, I'm not supposed to listen to End of the world or In the Darkness though). It's pretty good. I usually don't like love songs (just usually not what I look for and also because A. They are sickeningly happy or B. by Justin Beiber or One Direction), but Chester Bennington made a great song with "Give Me Your Name." "Walking in Circles" stood out to me too.



Cheeseburgers for dinner, followed later in the night by Toonami.

It doesn't get much better than that

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I had my first Wii U Chat today! It was loads of fun and I only wish it could have lasted longer. The connection SUCKED though.

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A couple days late, but I have played a Virtual Boy! My friend brought over his (which he payed way too much for). He only had Mario Tennis, but it was pretty interesting to play.

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I took two of my finals today, only one left to go!
And I found out that my Mega Man and Homestar Runner crossover on Miiverse is in the most popular post section of the MEGA MAN community!

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@Musterd Haha, that's awesome! xD

Why do people point to their wrists when asking for the time, but don't point to their crotch when they ask where the bathroom is?


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Nintendo's moment is less then 12 hours away!

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I discovered that my workplace has a better Internet conection than my home, now I actually can download music like a man!

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Emaan wrote:


I... I didn't know... Oh my gosh, I'm so happy now.
This is now my positive of the day. <3 <3 <3

Say what now?
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They new girl accepted my friend request of Facebook! What a pathetic achievement though. Forget the 21st century, Im going to talk to in person like a lad man!! :0

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I'm glad to hear that along with Nintendo. Sony won't be doing any DRM practices or make it's customers feel the sting of used games blocking.
(shed manly tears) There are still people that care about the gamers after all.

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