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it was my birthday today,had a half day of school and the other half i did nothing in school,i went out to supper to pizza delight,i got RE:R,i got a few of club nintendo wii game codes from my cousin,i got $80 in b-day money,i got funny cards,got new cloths,and i got a chocolate cake all to myself!


bank holiday on moday!

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Reala graced me with his presence and let me confess my deepest darkest sins to him. This was then followed by punishment....




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I won the lottery.

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Came into work this morning, thought that I was going to have to deal with a really mean woman on the phone for a computer issue she has been having all week. Was really sick of working with her all week, and even woke up this morning dreading just talking to this lady when I came in. Prayed and took off to work.
Came in this morning, and i talked to her for 45 seconds...she told me it has seemed to fix itself...she was happy...ish.
Also fixed something else in about a minute flat after that. Felt pretty good.
Put in my headphones and for some reason listened to that ending theme for the story in Fzero GX (Epic)...then listed to Captain Falcon's theme song...and the Big Blue theme....and Mute City.
Fzero music and get you pumped up for the day!

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went for a drive,went to a pawn shop for the first time and it felt like the show called pawn stars,so i saw some pawn stuff going on and in the pawn shop i got super mario 3d land for $25 with no tax,the case had a dent or two but the game its self is in good shape and i got to use the club nintendo code inside so another 30 coins now and 10 next week,got a big awsome kit for my 3ds at wal-mart and got a mothers day card for my mom and grandmother.....also got a free meal
ps:might get a go into another town for a night at one of my friends tommorow so i might not have school for 2 days,its alright because we are not doing anything in there anyways

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I can't share it... It's too inappropriate.

I'm going to have fun though. Look at me, banging body and all



Animal Collective announced their next album (called Centipede Hz) last night. From the track listing they sent out, neither of the songs they released last Monday are on it, meaning there are 11 new AnCo songs coming within the next 4 months!

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