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hahaha xD I'm still on monday *** bedtimes ****** high school starting so early I have to eat and do all that other night time cr*p and goto sleep cause I was late again =( I think thats the 7th time this year already

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It's 7:47 here where I live. It's still Monday. But I'm cool.

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I line up more with the Greens than most other Political parties, but I there are still several policies and parts of their ideology that I don't fully agree with so I'm not throwing my support that way just yet. There's another I'm more supportive of that have (apparently) good relations with the Green Party (Mentioned in great detail below) so I'm hoping that something happens there.

I have taken an interest in Pirate Party UK (formed not too long ago) after I heard about the Original Party in Sweden and the whole Pirate Party International Movement that's growing across the world. The others have been pretty successful (The Swedish and German ones in particular) so this one could be as well. The fact that they are mainly a single issue party though, means they may not get the support they need but I remember hearing that they may consider expanding their range of policies if they become successful enough. They're unusual this party in that they refuse to align themselves on the Left-Right scale.

I support them right now because of several reasons.
No.1: Mandelson is threatening that the Government could start fining us £50,000 (Something like that) for online file-sharing and having ISP's being forced to remove Internet from your household for a set period of time if you do, which is just unfair (Especially the disconnection idea) if you live with others in your house. What's even more unfair is that the file-sharing fines could even cover non-copyrighted, private works. This idea would criminalize 7 million people.
No.2: They want reforms to copyright law and Patent laws. This may not seem like a big deal but when it comes to issues like drug patents, it can mean a lot . They also want to reduce the excessive length of copyright protection and prevent copyright misuse (I've seen "religions" which copyright their own materials and act very secretively about them for F*** sake), while working with the industry to prevent piracy (People seem to unfairly associate File-Sharing with Pirating copyrighted works)
No.3: The support our rights to privacy and freedom of information, as well as freedom of speech.

I'm only 16 but I do look into these things a lot. For now, I'm sticking with the Pirates.

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weirdadam wrote:

I'm thinking of reviving the Anti-Nebraska Party. Who's with me?

Me! Turn it all into a big nature preserve and let the bison roam free I say!

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weirdadam wrote:

I'm thinking of reviving the Anti-Nebraska Party. Who's with me?

I've already joined the Know Nothing Party.



I wanted to join the Know Nothings, but when I contacted a representative for more information, he couldn't help me.

Come on, friends,
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I tried joining the Know Nothings, but I didn't know how.

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tylero09 wrote:

I tried joining the Know Nothings, but I didn't know how.

I hear a certain Spanish waiter in Torquay is a member, maybe you could ask him about it.

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