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There's a limit to how many pokemon you can befriend in the dream world before no more will show up? And it doesn't even warn me. I finally acces the Dream Park and that happens. I hate the stupid Dream World. Will hunt for a Heracross again at midnight!
EDIT: So when it says you need ? Points to be able to catch a Pokemon in an area of the dream world does it mean Dream Points or minigame points?

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Birdman wrote:

@Machamp_King - 1. You've got a massive Psychic-type hole in your team. If you come up against something like a Starmie or Metagross that can use Psychic and an Electric/Ice move, only Dusknoir can stand a chance, and he's more of a tank than a sweeper.
2. Move diversity - You've got 3 different Fire-type moves on Emboar and all 4 Pidgeot moves are Flying type. I get wanting to get STAB, but I'd at least replace 1 of Emboar's Fire moves for something Fighting-type (Brick Break maybe) and 2 Pidgeot moves for maybe Return (which also gets STAB) and Roost, and consider replacing a 3rd move for Brave Bird (since you can Roost off recoil damage).

I'd try giving Machamp fire punch intead of flamethrower as well,

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Well I sweeped a guy's whole team with Zangoose, he had a hydreigon and Garydos so I wasn't expecting to pull that off. Gt a few other wins with him too. I think mine's more suited to double battles but he's useful! :3

Niiiiice. I'm curious as to what it's move set is.

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Please, I once sweep an whole team with a Hitmonlee on PBR, before he got his new DW ability.
And PBR didn't have rules we have now, so I was battling nothing but legendaries.

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Does anybody have the first Genesect event Pokémon? I have a Lv. 100 shiny Blaziken, not cheated, for trade. I'll trade anything.
Or we could just trade back and forth.

I'll share my Pal Pad No. if anyone wants to make a deal.

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I'm restarting Black 2... for the Nuzlocke challenge. Wish me luck!

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Does anyone have a shiny raikou and meloetta? Or manaphy?



im new my name is goddess_king in my pokemon black 2 friend code is 2452-4944-1128in my 3ds code is 3308-5134-3769 add me people

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my 3ds code is 3308-5134-3769 in my pokemon black 2 friend code is 2452-4944-1128


wow wasnt this like dead now? xD but so for those getting 2 deoxys are you keeping the same attacks for both?

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I think there's a meteorite in a museum (nacrene city?) you can use to change deoxys in these games.

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Yes there is, also any one have an flawless ditto for trade?

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