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Well, I don't love it as much as I used to, but it's not exactly "" like many people say it is. I still play it once in a blue moon.

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I used to love Pokémon and bought every single game in the series since Red/Blue/Yellow (besides the spin-offs), but I stopped caring for them since Diamond/Pearl. Each installment is just the same with very little change to it besides adding more Pokémon, new land to explore, and better graphics. Before Diamond/Pearl, I was starting to get tired of the series and getting Diamond and Pearl was just it for me. Though, I've been hearing that Black/White is changing the formula a bit. If they are doing that, then maybe I might get Black/White.


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I loved Red and Silver. They were such adventurous, novel titles when they came out. Sure, they were just turn-based RPGs but the idea of collecting characters for use had never been done before. It had this great appeal to kids, and when Red came out I was just the right age for it. It helped that a lot of my friends also played it. I got the TV series on video, Pokemon cards and lots of merchandise to go along with it.

Now, my interest in the series has dwindled to pretty much zero. I skipped R/S/E and haven't played much of Diamond. While I still like the idea, it's just not evolved (pun intended) to something more sophisticated to keep up with my tastes as I've grown older.

This is part of why people say Nintendo is a kiddy company, I think.

I think that, apart from the hardcore tournament stuff like competitions and EV training and such, the game doesn't have much appeal past the kids/young teenage demographic.

That said, my 8-year-old cousin and his 6-year-old sister adore the games and TV show. I'm glad it still appeals to kids.

I have no plans on getting Black/White unless there are some major overhauls to the formula in a way that I would appreciate. (And somehow I don't think that will happen.)

EDIT: Also I loved Pokemon and it was far from my first RPG. I was playing the "real deal" long before Pokemon was released, so I've never seen it as a gateway title into JRPGs. And yet it still had great appeal even as I played JRPGs that most would call better.

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I remember when these things came out. I remember when Pokemon cards were banned at my school...but we still played the game in a ditch next to the school (kind of a shady operation really). I remember Digimon copying Pokemon (nah, jk).

Good times...good times

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When I think of pokemon, I think of the early cartoon series which was pretty good I thought mainly because of team rocket, only played one pokemon game that was red, didn't love it didn't hate it, in fact it left such little impression on me I barely remember much about it, never bothered buying any of the sequels though I have considered it a few times, though I always seem to end up buying something else instead.



I loved pokemon when they first came out. I think I was in year 6 when Blue and Red hit the stores. Me and my bro put so much time into them. I played a lot of Silver version as well, and that was my favourite pokemon game ever.

I never had a GBA so didn't get a chance to play Ruby or Sapphire till recently, and I found them a little disappointing. Diamond and Pearl were, in my opinion, very cool! It was the same when SoulSilver came out. I managed to talk a heap of friends into it, but they all got bored after about 40 hours. Where as I play a lot slower, grinding in the bushes killing weak dudes so I can continually change my squad.

I have never tried any other kind of RPG, because I don't really know where to start. One thing I can assure though is that I will be pre-ordering white version. So yeah, 22 and still love it! - Find us on facebook too!


I used to love it back in the day, and i do have fond memories of playing Silver when it came out, but i couldn't stand HeartGold for some reason. i'm not so sure if i've outgrown it so much as it's outgrown me, though, with the bloated state of the pokedex nowadays :/

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I love it, everyone at my school hates it though. BECAUSE ITS NOT HALO REACH OR COD MODERN WHO CARES.

I love Pokémon and think I always will, they see my PokéWalker neckless and say a three letter word of sorts.

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I'd say I like it, but I'm not in like with it.

Plus also no female trainer in R/B/Y.

God those games are sexist. 2/5

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Hate it. Never played any of games as a kid ('cept for Pokemon Pinball. That game was awesome) but I honestly doubt I would've liked them back then. I tried Gold or Silver (can't remember which one) a couple of years ago. I also tried Yellow. Didn't enjoy either at all. :/

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I'll like it when a game comes out that isn't the same game they've been making since the beginning of the series. (Hopefully that will be when Black & White come out)



Pikachu and I have a love/hate relationship, but mostly hate. Pokemon is a great RPG, even an amazing one (especially Red, Yellow, and maybe Diamond), but I'm constantly sickened by how little work is put into each passing installment so that I actually just referred to the series as one game--Pokemon. And they sell millions within the first two days anyway. Change it up, Game Freak, or I might have to break up with Pikachu.

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I love the Pokemon series. But Heartgold and Soulsilver were downright disappointing. Hopefully, Black and White will be better. If not, I'll be done with the games.

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Token+Girl wrote:

God those games are sexist. 2/5

I'm just going to single you out to say people here really, really need to stop with that reference. It's almost as bad as 4chan grinding a meme down.

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For me, it's somewhere in the middle.


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Odnetnin wrote:

The+Fox wrote:

Token+Girl wrote:

God those games are sexist. 2/5

I'm just going to single you out




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Token Girl wrote:

I'd say I like it, but I'm not in like with it.

Plus also no female trainer in R/B/Y.

God those games are sexist. 2/5

Do tell us how that is so.

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