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Hello, world. I became very curious with how Pokemon are based on mythology lately when I heard that so many Pokemon <b>are</b> based on ancient mythology. I knew that something was up when Pokemon and Naruto both had the "Red Nine Tailed Fox." That was just too much of a coincidence for both series to include foxes that were red and had nine tails. I also heard something about Shriftey based off of something as well as Pokemon such as Froslass. I would like to hear what you guys know about what Pokemon are related to what mythological creature?

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There are literally tons of Pokémon based on just as many myths... I'll go find my favorites and come back later~

Okay, so here's one I was actually just reading about today:
The name is just "Volcano"+"Corona", alluding to its fire type and relation to the sun.

But it's actually many different things all crammed into one; the main three being a moth, a tiger lily, and the sun (the spots representing both sun spots and the spots found on tiger lilies).

But there are a few mythological entities (all sun-based) that it also has its roots in:
Its head is similar to the headpiece of Hathor, the Egyptian Sky Goddess, whose headpiece represented the sun.

Possibly even more closely related is the Seraph, an "angel of fire", depicted as having six (red) wings and no legs.

I'll have more later!

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