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CaptainMorpheus wrote:


Not bad, I say. Not bad at all.

Those are pretty nice for custom sprites based on the gen 6 Pokemon. Did you make them yourself or find them online somewhere?

Online. I don't even know how to make pixel art.

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I got sapphire first, then ruby, then...I lost both of them. So sad...

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Machamp_King wrote:


Because Ash is a much, much bigger icon then any of those.



Maybe not in japan, the Japanese like their manga.

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I got trolled, Keldeo is being released at lvl 50 on WiFi and on BW & B2W2 but I got one back in September at lvl 15. >:l

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Cool animation, also it doesn't matter that is another kelado for you.

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ugh yeah saw the new event and was disappointed another one? but why at least they could of made it a shiny or something feels like everyone outside of japan been getting ignored with the events would be cool if we got that shiny rayquaza they got last year

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True but i want melloetta more.

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Which professor is everyone's favorite besides Oak?

Mine is Birch, I think.

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