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My first speedrun:
Coins Collected: x60
Lives Left: x7
Time Taken: 289s.
Final Score: 1011



First 105-coin timed run:

Lives Left: 10
Time Taken: 336
Final Score: 1714

My first death was on that symmetrical level with the long moving platform in the middle. Every level before that I held down the right arrow before it loaded to make sure I got moving quickly... well, that put me straight into a spike pit for this level. Lesson learned.

In one of the later levels, I actually intentionally suicided because it restarts you back by the warp. My only other interesting death was on the last level. I'd hit the switch and the boss was deflating, so I ran left... but apparently even when he is barely a puddle, touching him kills you. Pixel Boy is apparently pretty weak.

That time could easily be taken below 300 if I weren't a sucky excuse for a human being. I will do it soon, though. It's a shame I didn't get it right this time because I lucked out with an easy boss level. Those random projectiles make it pleasantly tricky for racing through.

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Hahaha, the boss thing happened to me too. And nice job finding the death trick in level 13. I didn't use it on the last speedrun, though I have used it in the past.



Great game. Ah, I'll never be as cool as pixelman.



i love it!

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Odnetnin wrote:

I might point out in Level 15 "wasting" is spelled wrong.

Who says? I'm clearly referring to you wasting away the strength and muscle of time by reading the superfluous text.



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