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No java! Where's machu's emoticon when you need it?



Very cool
but it froze on me on level 7 but still it's good enough for me to give it anouther go

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@SonicMaster: Sorry.

@malnin: Froze? That's odd. Meh, Java itself is odd. If you want to warp back just press N until you're back on level 7.



@pixelman did you do this all by yourself? cool beans.

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Oooo, hope Wiiloveit didn't see that. Glad you got it working CB.



That brought back some great memories of how much I can really suck at platformers... and how much I hate spikes...
I can`t beat level 12 lol nevermind, I beat it now level 13 :S

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Good stuff, I think on toss some kudos your way by tossing it on my "now playing" list for a lil bit.


pixelman wrote:

@Panda: Yes, I do see - and that's been gnawing at me for awhile. I'm thinking of getting rid of the number altogether and replacing it with a poof or something.

I don't think it needs anything really, it's pretty self-explanatory that you've picked up a coin just by jumping at it. Maybe a sound effect. Have you checked out YMCK's Magical 8bit Plugin? It's pretty great and would fit your style perfectly.

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@Panda: That looks great, though I won't be adding sounds/music to this as it'd increase the load time by around 500%.



@pixelman Brilliant is the only way to describe Pixel Boy. I GO'd at level 11 with 54 coins. Me thinks I'll be pressing the N key a lot. Also, you should make a super-hard version where you lose a life from a long fall, like Donkey Kong and N+. It would seperate the pixel men from the boys.

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Just played it and it's great

EDIT: Are you supposed to get Game Over when the timer runs out or just lose a life? (because I got game over despite having 4 lives, just checking that was supposed to happen)

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Yeah, sorry can't do that without fudging up a few levels. I think I'm through programming this game for a while. Lotsa work; need something new. Also I hate Java.

@Digiki: Thanks for the BL promo.

@tyler09: You're supposed to game over. Yeah it's lame, but I'm too lazy to make a nicer way of timing out.

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lol, ok then

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I think you counted wrong Pixelman, there's actually 105 coins in the game



Very cool! Nice, simple concept, no unnecessary complications, like all games should be.

Just a couple minor critiques (I won't say complaints because for a free browser game whose levels were all made within hours of each other, it's above complaints): I know you said sound is hard in Java, but it badly needs sounds, not necessarily music. Didn't you have some sounds in it before? I don't have any noise at all now. Also, the boss doesn't look very pixely like the rest of the game. Seems a bit out of place, stylistically.

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