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AmazingPopo_Man wrote:

People ''sagging'', It started as a prison signal saying you're "available".

This is actually True, which is why I laugh hysterically every time I see a complete tool of a moron wearing his pants like this in public.

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People talking in the library.

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People who wear Pikachu shirts...but haven't played the games.

"What's Kanto?" Just.Stop.

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RevolverLink wrote:

When people call soda "pop".

Okay, for a pet peeve that isn't a gag (I find "pop" to have a certain quaint charm - like the speaker has just stepped out of the '50s or something): when people don't replace the toilet paper roll.

Also, recap episodes.

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Wait, I forgot- When people call the number 0 the letter O. It just really annoys me for some reason

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"is Pikachu and anime?"

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Yeah, I said it.

And chocolate with nuts in it



When someone refers to Samus as "Shamus" -_-



i don`t have a prooblem openning doors for people, or letting them go first. but it annoys me when some people don`t have the decency to thank me, or atleast acknowledge that i`ve done so. and it`s even worse if it`s an old person, because they`d be the first to complain about how rude young people can be.

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