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We all have things that annoy us. Some pet peeves of mine are:
-When people call pop "soda". Yes, I know soda is probably the "correct" term, but it still annoys me.
-The sound of two or more pieces of Styrofoam rubbing against each other. Most awful noise in the world!
-Judgemental people who automatically assume things about other people.

So those are a few of mine. What are your's?

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wasn't there already a topic similar to this? just saying but when you playing a game and someone or something interrupts you -.- that has to be my main one

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People talking like they're a "Gangsta".

Not sure why, it just sounds like broken English & it annoys me, lol.


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Annoying, lazy coworkers

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i hate people that touch lil kids and hurt them...

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Lan wrote:

Annoying, lazy coworkers

This and women with super small voices that sound child like - Dayman
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Bad grammar.

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People ''sagging'', It started as a prison signal saying you're "available".

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AmazingPopo_Man wrote:

People ''sagging'', It started as a prison signal saying you're "available".

I also heard that it started with drug dealers and such, that they would sag their pants to appear that they have drugs/weapons on them when they dont thus throwing cops off so they couldnt tell who was carrying the stuff and who wasn't.

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RR529 wrote:

People talking like they're a "Gangsta".

Not sure why, it just sounds like broken English & it annoys me, lol.

This. Also I hate people at my school who just non-stop mumble raps lyrics to themselves.
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Rednecks that talk like a "Gangsta". And Gangsta is a SFW term of what i was going to say.

Rednecks that are plain mean, unless you got some stupid looking boots or something.

And people who just plain out don't care to spell correctly while texting or on the computer. My example is this sentence: "hey are u ok" That U.

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people that are very excitable annoy me, even more so if there`s a big group of them together.
it`s the whole routine of where they start jumping, clapping their hands, and squeeling that bothers me. and it seems even worse if i find out that it`s over something mundane and not particularly very good.
i also hate when i`m walking down my local high street and i get approached by street vendors trying to sell me things i don`t want or need, or those charity workers wanting my bank details for donations. i`m not giving my hard earned cash to anyone that approaches me, if i want to buy something or give money to charrity i`ll go and find out about these things on my own terms, not anybody else`s.

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When people call soda "pop".

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When people call soft drinks soda or pop.

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When people whine about pointless things.

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True dat

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here are mine:
*when people call soda "pop"
*idiots who talk like a "gangsta"

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do you really want to know what really pisses me of? Nintendos competitors

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