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This is a general question and hopefully not construed as a solicitation. How many of you have blogs? How many of you with blogs are members of community blogs and do not have a personal web site? Of those, would you want your own .COM?

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I put my video blogs on youtube, and also I have a myspace just because I put my music on there, and I put blogs on there, too. But I don't have enough viewers to need a .com

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I used to mess around with a Wordpress blog over at just to keep myself actively writing, although that fell off after a while. Got busy, lazy, knew my readership was nil and then I started writing for NL so I felt little reason to keep going.

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I've got a blog where I review Wii/WiiWare games that I think are overlooked or have been given unfair reviews. It's in my profile and my signature and I did bother to register a domain for it, though I just use Goggle's Blogger for the hosting.">Click">Click">">Click here if you're too lazy to cut-and-paste. Every Japanese WiiWare game that gets a First Impression article from me on Nintendo Life gets a full review on my blog and I do update my reviews from time to time as I learn more about a game.

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I've got a blog with my brother. we hace free domain and server for a year because he has friends.




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