Topic: Perhaps the best looking game console ever made?

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Man, over ten years old, and it still looks stellar.......

The Q (sometimes known as GameQ) is a hybrid version of the Nintendo GameCube with a DVD player manufactured by Panasonic in cooperation with Nintendo. The system was only officially released in Japan. A feature of its main competitors Xbox and PlayStation 2, the GameCube lacked commercial DVD movie playback functionality due to the use of the miniDVD format for games and the correspondingly small disc tray. The Q system was licensed by Nintendo and released on December 13, 2001 and listed at US$439. A modified version that allows users to play commercial DVDs from all regions was listed at US$499

Nintendo's uncharacteristic decision to license the gaming technology to Panasonic was a result of a deal brokered between Matsushita (owners of the Panasonic brand) and Nintendo. When Nintendo signed Matsushita as the producer of the optical disc drives used by GameCube, an agreement was struck allowing Matsushita to produce a DVD system with the capability to play GameCube games.

Panasonic and Nintendo announced they were ceasing production of the Q in December 18, 2003 due to low sales.

Other features of the Q include a backlit LCD, a front-loading slot disc tray, an optical sound output supporting Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS (sound system), a separate subwoofer jack, and a stainless steel chassis.

The Q comes with a grey, Panasonic-branded controller and a remote control. The Q is capable of installing all of the GameCube hardware upgrades; however, due to the legs on the bottom, it requires a special Panasonic Q Game Boy Player unit designed specifically for it.

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I like the fact that it actually looks EXACTLY like those 2 things combined (or as it much as it could) but that makes it look like this weird horrible teleporting accident rather than an actual device.

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Kawaii_Neko wrote:


I always liked the look of the Sega Dreamcast as well (I feel bad that I sold mine in 2002), it was small, easy to place next to or underneath your television, but the system was also pretty much cutting edge for it’s time……I mean, it originally released back in late 1998 in Japan, but it still looks good.

But yeah, the Dreamcast has a very clean, compact design.

Now the Genesis Model one, that thing is a bit fugly (compared to the Model two).

How do you post images in this forum BTW?



I would never put that thing in my living room.



Morpheel wrote:

Too shiny.


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That thing looks like an eyesore...


I always liked how the PS One looked; very sleek and simple.

Still mad at myself for selling it all those years ago...

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Gamecube, because it lives up to its name.

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The Nintendo 3DS & Xbox 360 S are my favorites. Both systems impressed me so much when I first saw them. Now I own & love both of them.


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NES, followed by the Sega Dreamcast.

And that Panasonic Q-thing looks like it was yanked off of the set of I-Carly.

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I'm actually with the OP, I loooove how that GC looks. Maybe my favorite console aesthetic. But maybe it's my GC love blinding me, I dunno. (That, or the shininess!)

If we're talking handhelds, maybe the PS Vita.

Other favorites of mine would be the Famicom (I gotta say, I like it waaaaaay better than the unreliable toaster, Sorry Wavula ), the Super Famicom, PC Engine, and Neo Geo.

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SheldonRandoms wrote:

Morpheel wrote:

Too shiny.


It is too powerful for your lowly mortal eyes to behold. Once you've ascended to godhood come back and take another look.

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Looks more like it was crossed with some mutated toaster to me.

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@Gioku Isn't that a toilet?

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