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So there's always been something I've thought about, a Paper Mario MMORPG game, a browser based Mario game very similar to the Paper Mario universe games (The first two). First you'd select gender and then what you are; Goomba, Koopa, Boo, Bob-omb, Yoshi, ect. All of which have their own path, badges would make a return, but with more special touches such as a Para-badge would make a Goomba or Koopa a flying enemy unless jumped (or headbonked) on. You could also create parties with the other people (Up to five) and have battles with another five manned team. There'd be two factions, Bowser's army and Mushroom Kingdom allies with NPC enemies as the unaligned.

In battle:
Your skills and abilities are based on your species and your badge
You can learn up to four moves just like in the actual games
Allies team up to fight more enemies
Leveling up is like in the games, picking more Health, FP, and Badge points

Out of battle:
Customizable characters, just like how each team-mate had a unique look
Shops to buy useful stuff
Able to go to the Mushroom Kingdom or Roguesport areas

Any ideas to add would be great! One can always hope! (No this wouldn't replace the next Paper Mario, but a standlone title)



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