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Metal Gear Solid V, its crucified by the fanbase, but I personally think its ok, 1-3 is still better tho.



@StephenYap3 Oh my god, totally agree with Dream Team. I played through that whole game and never felt anything was out of place or boring. Really fun game, and the criticism I see I just can't understand. Do people really hate the visuals that much???

Paper Jam was really weak though. I can understand why someone would like it but nah not for me.

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spizzamarozzi wrote:

Speaking of NintendoLand, do you people remember all the flak The Wonderful 101 got when the demo was first released?! I remember people going "I would have bought it...if the controls didn't suck!!". We were really at the zenith of the Nintendo negativism at that point - basically everything they did, people had to complain about something. Even the loading times were reason enough NOT to buy a game.

To be fair...

the demo did a terrible job to get anyone who wasn't already going to buy the game to...convince them to buy the game. Expecting people to just "get" Wonderful 101, is completely absurd. I love the game, but the demo (and the game itself tbh) does NOT do a good job of getting people into its combat system. I'm just thankful I saw enough positive things from people I like that changed my mind after the demo concerned me.

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spizzamarozzi wrote:

While basically nowadays it's the opposite. But it'll be all doom and gloom again in 5 years. And back to unconditional love again 5 years after. Cos that's how people function.

I'm calling this the Internet Nintendo Effect.

Pokemon Battle Revolution - This game is average at best, but it's by no means bad. I got some enjoyment back in the day, but that was mainly because I had the handheld games to back me up. This was the game's biggest flaw, IMO.

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Twilight Princess - At that time, people, said it was forgettable, bland, bleak boring and the worst Zelda game. It was my top favorite Zelda games.

Lux Pain - I doubt many people know this game but whatever. I've gotten into VNs on the DS with games like Phoenix Wright, Hotel Dusk, 999 and even Time Hollow. I was a glutton for VNs that I've found a game called Lux Pain. The gameplay wasn't that great but the music, story and character is pretty fun for what it is. There are alot of disturbing things that happens in that game and for what it does, it delivers. I've seen YouTube videos saying things like not to buy this game and stuff but it's not that bad.

Andromeda - I've played this game when it was finally patched to hell. Is it bad? No. Did people expected it to be the next Mass Effect 4 in story and was severely disappointed by it? Most definitely. I've played ME 1-3 first and still thought the game was still fun knowing full well it's a soft reboot.

FF7 - There are tons of love with this game as there is tons of hate. I've finally sat down playing FF7 where everyone judged you (and the game) by saying it's overrated died down. And for what it is, it's good. Not Super 10/10 of it but I enjoyed it. I understand people loving this game alot though.

KH358/2 Days - Yes I'm in the minority. For a DS game, it does it's job with the text bubbles. Of course there won't be many cutscenes since it low quality anyways. Roxas visiting Disney worlds is indeed repetitive and nothing new to add but it isn't that bad. It's funny how people hates this game but my memories of Roxas growing into a full fledged character made me realise that's my favorite KH woven story ever. Not even KH 1 and 2 can capture that. Roxas/Axel/S all the way



Someone may have mentioned it already... Sonic Unleashed. Those Werehog stages are as flimsy as those stretchy arms, but those day time stages were just brilliant. I also adore the realistically inspired locations such as Spagonia and Abdadat (please don't quote me on my spelling).



Basically any Pokemon games from Generation IV to VI. I'll never understand why the games from these generations garner so much hate. It's also funny how the fandom seems to go in cycles... You may see some hype for D/P remakes now, but these games were hated on heavily before they became the next in line to remake.

At this point I especially feel bad for X/Y. I'll take X/Y over any Generation VII game any day.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I've been a member of a Zelda forum for many years, and I stopped going to the Zelda section years ago because it was full of people who just relentlessly hated on Twilight Princess and thought that it was just a fact that it was so bad.

Skyward Sword can fit, too. Although I think it was has well-established flaws. It's easily my least favorite 3D Zelda. However, it had its charm, and for the record it was the first Wii game I ever played that felt like the motion control was actually doing what the concept of motion control was advertised to do from the beginning. It took, what, five or six years for the Wii to finally get a game where the motion control was anything more than pointless gimmicky Wii Remote waggling. However, the motion control didn't always work like it was supposed to and that was super frustrating.

Animal Crossing: Wild World. This game was far from perfect, it took a lot of great things away versus the GCN version. However, I see people saying that this is the worst Animal Crossing game, when I can't see that being the case. City Folk was by far the worst mainline AC game released. Wild World may have had flaws, but at least it introduced revolutionary new features to the series like hairstyles/accessories, Wi-Fi, etc., etc. I wish it had been better, but it's a much more worthy title in the AC series than City Folk.

Mario Kart Super Circuit. I played this game right when it came out and I was really impressed with it. It was our very first portable Mario Kart, and it was great for what it was put out to be and what platform it came on. Sure, in context of later Mario Kart games, it is kind of blown out of the water, but we have to be fair to it.

Golden Sun Dark Dawn. Again, a game with flaws... But did the series really deserve to straight-up die with it? I do not think so at all. It's sad to me, it really wasn't that bad.

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@Gaisaph Oh man, I LOVE Lux-Pain, hoping there's more like it in the future. I enjoyed the settings and everything- just that unfortunately, I don't have the manuals that will tell a ton of the lore... XD

Nonetheless, I really, really enjoyed that game. I didn't realise people saying to not play it... Then again with the amount of errors the translation has, I guess that's how it is T_T


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@darkfenrir it really was a joy to play even with the translation errors, I don't mind. Too bad the Developers filed for bankruptcy thought.



@Gaisaph Haha, agreed. Although the gameplay is kinda rough, it's still really full of enjoyment (I'm not even sure how I came across it... Just tried it and it looks fun in the end XD)

And aw. That's too bad :/


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@ieatdragonz Regardless of how weak Paper Jam was, it did have the stronger battle system of the series and for me, Paper Mario himself was a lot of fun to play as (especially compared to SS and CS, even though I enjoyed those). The floating jump, the Copy ability (no, I'm not talking about Kirby), the Trio, I'd even consider him my favorite "third character" in the Mario & Luigi series. The baby bros felt like weaker Adult Bros with hammers while Bowser was basically far too overpowered. least Paper Jam is much better than Partners in Time for me.



It's probably worth pointing out that whether one thinks a game or anything really is overhated or not is really a matter of one's perspective. If you enjoy something or find it decent, of course you're going to notice the hate it's getting more. But it's most certainly true that there's large amounts of people who adore said game. There have been SO many times I've enjoyed something and then go on the internet and see that it has a rather controversial standing for a fair amount of people, (but there are plenty who love them as well).

Anyway from my perspective, the most notable would be Super Smash Bros Brawl and Diamond and Pearl, (though like I said, these games have their masses of fans).

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@Matty2310 I agree, the reason why I don't mention games like Pokemon Y, 3d World, Fates, or Brawl is because the general consensus from MOST people (as in, not the vocal minority) is that they're great games that sold really well, despite frequently getting lambasted by the super hardcore slice of gamers. That said, there's nothing wrong with believing these games to be overhated if you think that's the case. If anything, people that say most people don't like those games or don't think there anything special when that's blatantly not true annoys me FAR more then those who simply think they're overrated.

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I honestly wonder if Twilight Princess would have got as much hate if Twilight haters weren't a thing + the werewolf coincidence. I guess there is also one 'vampire' in Twilight Princess, but that's basically a different thing.

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@Haru17 I've never in my life seen or heard anyone compare TP to Twilight, though. Why would they? It's not like people have some weird animus toward the word.



Twilight Princess probably would've been liked more by people if the Wii version didn't have forced motion controls (same with most Wii games). Look at Mario Odyssey, it was clearly made with split Joy-Con motion controls in mind but the game plays perfectly fine with the pro controller (handheld mode is the only one that suffers).


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I seem to be the only person on the planet who loved the motion controls in TP. The aiming was flawless and made shooting arrows more fun, and flicking the wiimote to whip out the sword before going into a dangerous area made me feel like a badass. These controls didn't overstretch themselves; they were simple and they WORKED. The exact opposite of the broken ass pile of garbage that was SS, which everyone couldn't stop fapping over (or maybe they just liked being told over and over and over again what the collectibles are before the game adds them to the million you already own and letting you get back to the actual game).



I hear more people complaining about the boring first third of the game than about the motion controls (which were basically just "waggle = sword button" + point and click).

To be honest I don't think I've ever heard anyone actually outright "hating" the motion controls in TP... Skyward Sword on the other hand...

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I loved Super Circuit too. At least it's different from the later games. Nintendo's games often become iterative over time, with Smash Bros and Mario Kart being the worst examples of this. Super Circuit will probably stand the test of time better because it sits nicely next to Super Mario Kart, rather than games like Double Dash, DS, and MK7, which will increasingly fall by the wayside because they're just crappier versions of whatever the latest incarnation is.



Maybe things get finicky later on, but I tried Skyward Sword out for an hour or so and, I have to say, the sword controls were quite responsive! Not EXACTLY 1:1, but I didn't feel like I was mixing up inputs, either.

Once I've put a few months between me and Twilight Princess, I'm looking forward to playing that.

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