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Overrated: Halo and Final Fantasy are WAAAAAY overrated (no I've never Halo played it but I know what it is and it looks so generic, and final fantasy is not very good) oh, and kingdom hearts too.

Underrated: Elebits, Super Princess Peach (NO it's not a girl's game!), LEGO games, The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (oh, wait, that's a movie..............)

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God of War
I mean seriously.....Presentation, graphics, epic styalised Boss battles and sound aside, I just find the gameplay to be a bore. It's on the button mashy side and doesn't feel intuitive...I mean pressing 'X'(for example) to perform an in-game cinamatic finisher on an enemy isn't fun or(again) intuitive...Gameplay wise, Devily Mary cry actually REQUIRES some good skill and cleary offers alot more depth

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