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Geez man, that really sucks (though I know that's an understatement)... I hope that you can have great experiences soon if it is to be your last time here, though. I'll say to never get caught up in what might happen and just focus on what's happening! But I do truly hope that by any miracle you'll end up perfectly fine. I haven't seen your posts much, but it would still be very awful if you indeed did pass. When you think about it, it's never much of a reality that someone you've met on the Internet could die, even those you don't well. But anyways! Just make sure that you have a fun time and don't worry about what's gonna happen to you. I'll be praying and hoping for the best for you!

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I wish I could help you find things to do in the area but I haven't lived there since I was a small child. All I can say is good luck and I hope your trip is something truly special.

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Wow, this actually made me tear up a bit. I never really knew you RetroGBhippie92, but you seem like a nice person. I sincerely hope you have an amazing time in the US! I'll be praying for you!

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I'm going to bed in a few minutes, so I really hope you feel better. Your death would be terrible... Once again, I'll be praying for you. Just hang in there, you'll get cured (Though, I'm sorry but I can't promise anything).




i wish for you the same thing i wished for my cait when she battled leukemia: that you spend whatever time you have living and not dying. we were never in denial about the (then possible) outcome of the disease, but i wanted her to feel alive and vital for however much life she had.

i once told her to envision death in her mind, acknowledge that he was lurking in the peripheral, then tell him to piss off as she was too busy living to worry about him.

even feeling fear or uncertainty or anger is a sign that you are alive. it's all ok. have a wonderful time on your trip. don't think of endings, but rather of beginnings.

i wish you strength and life and light. hugs.

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Your strength is immeasurable. My goodness.

Like others have said earlier, I will pray for you. Wow.

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It's funny how helpless I feel, especially with my current username and avatar.

You have much greater strength than I do, and your drive to survive and to make the most out of every day fascinates me.

I wish you best of luck in your future, friend.

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I've always enjoyed your posts, @RetroGBHippie92. I can't express the sorrow I have at hearing the news about your condition. Despite this tough time, I hope that you'll live with joy. I want you to know that I'll be praying for you and that I wish you the best, no matter the outcome. Godspeed.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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May your path be blessed.

It's also nice that you have loved ones around you. Lat year, my maternal aunt was unfortunately diagnosed with a rare cancer called sinonasal melanoma, and it's still hard to believe it for me. And as a person from a family that values family, it doesn't seem fair to have to be 7 hours away from home. It also make me a bit worried about her grandchildren's (aka my niece and two nephew) well-being. But I've just got to make the best of it. Take care man...

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@WaveBoy Ah! You want my reactions to the Nintendo Direct?? Well I might as well mention that here since you asked. Well apart from the emptyness that befalls me and the disappointment I won't be able to play every single game announced, I am excited to see nintendo going forth positively.
Ok firstly....
What I Loved:
-Pokemon X & Y look fantastic, sky battles, pokemon-amie (lol if you know what the pun there is), 3D battles, crisp looking graphics, plus loads of little detail and the new region. I could literally talk forever about this title.
-They announced Abe's Oddysey: New'N'Tasty for eShop. Wow I used to own this for PC and actually I rebought it off steam recently and loved it, you should download this game, it is huge, trust me.
-Two Brothers. A gameboy inspired Action RPG? me want!! It reminds me of the good old gameboy handheld days, what's even more exciting is it is supposedly supposed to progress into color and is centred around that idea a bit, also 15-20 hours? that's fairly decent for an indie game.
-Mario Kart 8. Looks fantastic, I haven't ever really played a console MK title apart from Mario Kart 64, but ever since the DS and 3DS versions I've loved them even more. What I love? Graphics (not a graphics whore here, but was amazed at the detail), looks to bring everything about what made MK7 and MKWii awesome too.
-Super Mario 3D World. I was surprised they didn't go for a successor to the Galaxy games, but that was on everyones minds, including mine. No, I don't mind a sequel to one of my most played 3DS titles, I love the cat power-up (especially the bell that transforms mario), four player with Peach? Gimme!! There are not enough words to convey how much I love the idea of this game, no really.
-Super Smash Bros for 3DS/WiiU. I was so excited and amazed at the step-up in graphics. The newcomers? Wow I never thought they'd choose Villager and "the Wii Fit trainer", I read on forums on people wanting an Animal Crossing character sometimes, guess they got what they asked for! SSB for 3ds/wiiu would definitely be a must-have for me if it came out in time, but oh well.

What i didn't like:
-No updates for WiiU and/or 3DS. Seriously where is Miiverse for 3DS? announcement date for next WiiU firmware update? nowhere to be seen. maybe next nintendo direct?
-Where's Earthbound? seriously, I want to play Earthbound, one game that I wish to own on some device whatever it is, come on nintendo I have a Wii U what are U waiting for??
-40 minute presentation. Could've been longer, could've shown us Zelda Wii U, but didn't.
-Quirky moments. Was E3 not the best place to show off your quirkiness? No Smash bros. didn't count, I mean from Iwata or Reggie, come on! My body was ready!

Not really a ton of things wrong but I mean to nitpick a little since they weren't doing the standard E3 presentation like the other major console companies. I wasn't too worried about Nintendo not having a proper E3 presentation this year, but they could've dropped a bomb of games on everyone so that they had at least a chance of "winning" E3.
Well to be honest, I hate how people expect a "Winner", I don't really honestly see Nintendo actually competing with Sony or Microsoft, I mean they do their own thing and thats actually good, but I want them to be recognised and stand out, only if it's more than say Microsoft.

Speaking of other Console makers, I've never really cared for what other companies bring out hardware wise, why should I have to pick between Xbox and PS3? that's kinda always been a mentality for me. Besides, I enjoy Nintendo games because of the handhelds and the unique controllers for the consoles, I can't stand people who rely solely on graphics as bragging points, it's just too easy to look that way and side with apparent fanboys, I'd rather do my own thing and not follow sheep. I'm not saying people are stupid for liking other consoles/handhelds, but it does get on my nerves when i express my love for Nintendo and most other people are like "oh nah, PS3/ Xbox has better graphics, blah blah blah etc etc". Eh, enough of that, I'm not here to start a flame war or anything, but it's just I'd thought I'd share that here because some of you might not know me that well.

Anyway forgetting game talk, I really appreciate all of you and your kind words and I'm keen to read your comments and hear you share your thoughts, I wish I had all of you as real life friends but as impossible as it is, I would never get to meet any of you. I will definitely keep posting as much I can and feel like doing so, so don't worry ok?

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@RetroGBHippie92 I am so sorry to hear about your circumstances, but I really admire your ability to gracefully accept them and prevent them from stealing your happiness. You are very strong, and we all want you to know that we support you and wish you the best in everything you do. I may not have personally known you, but I do recall talking to you in a previous thread where you talked about your cancer. When I read that old thread, I had the impression that your cancer was under control, but it turns out it was much more serious than I thought. I almost cried reading this thread: You still have so many things that you should have had the oppirtunity to do. At least you get to go to Comicon, and I'm glad for you. Hope you have fun! When you're in LA and San Diego, you should really give In-N-Out Burger a try. Their food is simply amazing, especially their fries. Unfortunately, I don't live in the area, so I can't recommend anything else per se (perhaps Sea World?), but I'm sure you'll have an amazing time regardless. Keep us posted on everything, including your trip. We all want to know how it is. Stay positive, we're all rooting for you!


Wow man, I don't mean to embarrass you, but you are a great person. You want your cancer to be over just so you may stop this tragedy and be in good health again. Once again, it would be a very saddening thing, if you.... well..... die. Don't lose hope, you can get cured, I really hope so. That first post you did is complete awesomeness along with tragedy, but hey, just really try to hang in there. There is still hope while you are alive, I strongly recommend that you do.not lose that hope.



It's tough, but I hope you can stay as happy as you possibly can. You'll be sure to have great memories made at Comicon. As for your stuff, i'm sure your family will respect it.



Wow. Best of luck, man. Never lose hope. And have a great time at Comic Con!

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I'll be wishing and praying for your health on my end. Hope you get to go to Comi-Con, you'll have a blast. Good luck man.

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I'm sorry to here that man. I hope you enjoy your trip stateside and you'll be in my prayers.


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I'm sorry to here that man. I hope you enjoy your trip stateside and you'll be in my prayers.


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