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Greetings. I have limited funds at the moment, and I want to pick up 1 game with my WiiU. So my conundrum is this: Which do you think will be superior, New Super Mario Bros U, or Batman: Arkhym City?
Edit: Thanks Guys, I think I've made a decision!

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Well, I do know that Batman is an amazing game, since I own it, so you can't go wrong there.

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Yeah, I've heard nothing but good things about Arkhym City, but NSMBU looks like it'll break the mold...

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They're both such completely different games that it's impossible to say which is "superior."

If you're looking for a somewhat intense 3rd-person single player game with an interesting story that uses the Gamepad in interesting ways, then go with Batman.

If you're looking for a side-scrolling classic that you can play simultaneously with friends and family (and presumably has a decent amount of replay value), then go with Mario.

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I've nver played either (yet), but I know I will be getting NSMBU. NSMBU looks to be an excellent Mario experinece that will mix the formula up a bit, and it is multiplayer, so I can enjoy it with my bros. Not to mention it's Mario in HD. Arkham City sounds like it is an excellent game, but I personally would go with Mario. Hope that helps.

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Well I am definately picking up NSMBU with my Deluxe Wii U, and thats all I can confirm I will get. As for your predicament, all I can say is: Go with your gut! Either way I know your gonna have a good time!

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It's tough, but I'd go with Arkham Asylum if I were you. It's the best Batman game around, and IIRC, you have no other means of playing it, so that, plus the additional content should make it worth your while. It's also not quite like a game you've played before, whereas Mario is Mario.

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me personally, i prefer apples, but oranges are cool too.


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We have a thread for asking Wii U game recommendations here if you'd like to ask there. Thank you! :3

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