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Yes have been 5 years & I still enjoy it I also did same thing u did

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When they failed to deliver me my last issue I dident bother to renew.

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I'll be at 15 years this December, and though I hardly have time to read them anymore and it's almost a waste of money, I don't see myself quitting my subscription unless they shut down. I hope that doesn't happen, poor print media.

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I was an original subscriber (and had gotten the free Newsletter they did before then) for a few years in the beginning. Then nothing until i picked up my Wii. I've done the free trial (3 ish) thing a few times before finally subscribing again last year. I don't always read it in depth depending on what the main articles are, but always at least skim through everything. It is a little younger-skewing, but that's fine. It's nice to be able to read about Nintendo stuff in a trade magazine that doesn't bash it or treat it flippantly (you know, like IGN's Ninty site).

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