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I stole this idea from another site, but would anyone here be able to not buy a new game for a year? For those of you with a huge backlog, it would give you time to catch up and save money in the process. Myself, I've probably got close to 100 games for Wii, PS3, VC and WiiWare that I haven't started or finished. I've got many games still in shrink-wrap. I don't think I have the willpower to not buy any games. If I see a great deal I will probably have to pick it up, and I am addicted to VC and PSone and PS2 Classics, but I think I will focus on my backlog and buy less games this year. How about you guys? Would you be able to not buy a new game for a year?



If this was 2008 or 2011 I'd actually approve of this but I don't have the patience to not get stuff like Bioshock Infinite or any Wii U games coming out etc. I think I'm just required to get every Animal Crossing game also.

Regardless, this would be a decent year to catch up on old games maybe. But another major reason is I am trying to focus on supporting some games that aren't guaranteed successes in some hope to avoid the Wii sales disaster again. Anything can help at this point I would think.

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I agree with you there. Especially with the Wii U, and most likely new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, this would be a tough year to not buy anything new.



The Last of Us comes on this year so no.

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I could do it. I'm tight with money as it is, so if I have to I could cut out new games all together.

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I simply cannot do it, I've already bought at least 5 this year alone (all used or really cheap)
I think I may have a problem...

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Definitely not this year. With the slew of excellent games in the first half of the year, along with some Wii U stuff, and the advent of the next-gen competitors, this will probably be the best year for games as a whole since 2007.

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I have somewhere around 10-15 I've started but not completed. I doubt that'd get me through a year... let's see... 9 more levels in GW2 'till I'm a level 80...maybe 10-15 Starcraft 2 singleplayer missions... maybe 10-20 more hours of final fantasy X... lot's more dungeons in Torchlight 2... 3 more floors in Torchlight... 5 or more dungeons in Cthulu saves the world... all of Breath of death 7... most of KOTOR... 80000 more rythmia 'till completion in Theatrhythm...I may be able to last a year but Steam sales always get me to buy at least one game. Most of the time more.

Edit: And I still have other games besides those!!! (My Wii backlog)

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I don't think I would ever do that, but maybe you could do is no new games for 1-3 months, or however long it takes for you to beat those games, a year seems like forever to getting no no games, plus the Wii U was just released and I want more games for that.

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Only thing really on my calendar this year is X&Y, and I start college in the fall, and I have quite a few games in my backlog (including Partners in Time and Sticker Star), so I think I'd make it. Of course, I'll still be buying games this year...

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pixelman wrote:

Pogeymonz so no.

I agree

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I don't have a Backloggery, but just a handful of the Wii disc games I have not started yet are Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 2,3 and Metroid Other M, Excite Bots, Excite Truck, and these are just the first party ones. Having a job and a kid will suck up your gaming time . I know I have enough content to last a year (or more) but like I said, I can't pass up good deals. And I am addicted to downloading retro games, so the best I could do is cut back a little.



I can't fathom the idea of buying so many games, that you have more than you can play (I can't grasp how some of you are saying you have dozens games still in shrink wrap).

Even when I had a job, I would buy one or two games a month max, as I don't buy a new game until I beat the last one's story.


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Too late. ._."
Actually I just bought one today, it was my first this year. ._."

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Let's see Pikmin 3 is coming out this year, not to mention I haven't even bought a Wii U yet...

Yeah, no.


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I think I could have done this last year, but I won't be able to pass up X & Y.

(Granted, I haven't played more than an hour each of most of the 3DS Ambassador games still, so I could probably last a while...)

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I hype too easily and cannot do this, I won't make it past Fire Emblem in February and that's at best. Besides, I really want to give Nintendo my money, along with quite a few indie developers!

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