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@OdnetninAges well, @MickeyTheGreat is basically my brother, so I've been keeping in contact with him... he just hasn't been posting in forums a lot recently.

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@Gioku Dude, he's your bro?

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Captain_Toad wrote:

@Gioku Dude, he's your bro?

Pretty much. We were both born in November and, upon finding that out, I declared that we were brothers, and we've kept it up since.

I'll probably start posting again when the replacement charger cable comes for my Wii U. I'll be able to use its Internet browser then, and then you'll probably see more of me.

PS: OH MY GOSH, SOMEBODY MISSED ME! I never thought I'd show up in this thread ever, and now I have! Oh my gosh!

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@WariosWoods @k8sMum @RuppeeClock @grumblegrumble (I believe this was their name) ...all missing as far as I see, and all brought great things to NL. D:

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Thanks, man! I'm still here Just in lurk mode these days with my new job... really busy! Thank you for keeping it real!

Prof_Clayton wrote:

@WariosWoods @k8sMum @RuppeeClock @grumblegrumble (I believe this was their name) ...all missing as far as I see, and all brought great things to NL. D:

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eviLaTtenDant wrote:

Would be great being able to talk to @GameLord08 here again some time.

Yeah, where'd she go?

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Veloster wrote:

You never see @Mention, @Everyone or @All anymore.

Well two of those are in another castle but apparently @All just joined rather recently! O.o

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users that were banned for good

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Bass_X0 usually pops up in the VC sections from time to time. I'm pretty sure I saw him a few days ago, and the time before that wasn't too long ago, either.

Blackfira's been around. He changed his name to DarkLloyd, and you can see in his profile that he posts in the news section quite frequently.

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Where did @SheldonRandoms go, I haven't seen him in AGES! Cause we all gotta remember, if you don't see @SheldonRandoms in a while, then he's revving up something dastardly.......... (I review stuff here, check it out : P )

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