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Character: Doctor Mario
Doctor Mario is suddenly walking back to a Small Town in the Mushroom Plains. When suddenly,He sees Mario and everyone else. He stares at Mario
Doctor Mario-Wait...You look like me...What's going on here?

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Mario: Huh? Wow! We do! Hello there, Doctor me! Minne is practicing magic at the time being. Nothing important! Geno is reading a book and Mallow is in with Minne taking notes.

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Doctor Mario-Oh,I see...Any bad guys we can fight?

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Minnie was shocked at the idea of someone being capable of knocking a planet's moon out of orbit, but she didn't let it phase her.

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Deciding to prepare for the dangers ahead, Morpheus and Capricorn decide to hone their combat skills themselves. They decided to go somewhere where their potentially destructive nature would not impact thousands of innocent lives. After some travel time, the duo arrives in an abandoned complex near the city.

Capricorn: Perfect!

Morpheus: Ah yes, a place where our destruction will be appreciated!

They each readied heir weapons and walked back eight steps, counting out loud.

Capricorn: Ready?

Morpheus: Fire!

Meanwhile, Fable handed another flame to Minnie, urging her to try again.

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Ristar wakes up, Ristar"I'm awake..what's happening?"

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