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Samus: Thinks for a minute Got it.

Finishes the surrounding villains and waits for further direction



wakes up
Knuckles: Darn it, I fell asleep on my post.


Knuckles: Alright, I believe that everyone on Angel Island should be able to retake the island, while the troops on the ground retake Skyworld.

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4th Wall I should be here all day long until around 5:30 PM PST, so if I'm not around and you guys want to continue, say I'm kidnapped, exhausted, anything that fits the story_

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Runs past security, fights any security that caught sight, and searches for the leader

Samus: [Thinking]Who is the leader here?][/Thinking]

Looks around with X-Ray vision activated

Samus: [Thinking]I guess I'll go to the area with the most security.[/Thinking]



Samus: Knuckles, I'm here What do you need, because I'm trying to find the leader of the group on Skyworld. Do you copy? Over.



Fourth wall: Ok, wait just a minute.
I'm confused, and Devious and Red are confused(they told me) about here we are and what's happening right now. Before we continue, could we figure out what's happening?

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@KiDasharus: Knuckles and Sheldon are on Angel Island (I think) guarding the Master Emerald, while me, you, and probably Kaiser are in skyworld trying to take it back from the villains.

Busts open a door, notices a group of bad guys and starts shooting. After taking down a few, Samus interrogates one asks him where the leader is. The interrogated becomes unconscious before he answers and Samus finds a space to roll into with her morph ball



Samus: Luigi, what are you doing? What is your post? Over.



Sure thing @DeviousCrossing.

Samus: Got it. I'm trying to find the leader of the group at skyworld.

KiDashuras: Space ship? Hmmm... Am I lost?



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