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This thread is going to be all about Role-playing. You can use your avatar as a character for this RPG adventure. Whoever posts next, I recommend that it relates to the story for a number of comments, you can make a subplot, but it has to relate to the main plot. About the protagonists and antagonists, it is going to be like Star Wars where there is many protagonists and antagonists, so you can decide if you want your avatar to be a hero or bad guy in this story. The heroes may even seem antagonistic to other heroes. I'll start:

Samus flies in her ship deep in the universe and has her detection network on to find any bounties to hunt.

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Derpy Kirby, flying through space on a quest for muffins, crashes into Samus's gunship.

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Adam then tells Samus that he did not authorized her to go hunt. Any objections, Lady?

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Samus grunts and falls off the pilot seat.

Ship's computer: Warning. External Damage. Warning. Unknown Life-form detected. Do you wish to land on a nearby planet?

Samus touches an accepting touchscreen section and runs to the back.

Samus: [Thinking](Shocked)What is that?[/Thinking]



Knuckles then burns everyone's Wii Us and gives them Vitas to replace those horrible consoles.



Undead_terror's undead army came and killed everyone! the end!

DeviousCrossing wrote:

Zombies take over and kill everyone. THE END~

I agree with this man!

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Groose falls out of the sky onto Mr. L

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Samus: Who are you? Are you ok? You suddenly crashed in my ship. Don't worry. I'm landing on a planet just below us. Oh oh.

Computer: Unforseen apocalypse is in the progress on the planet below. Caution recommended. Defenses offline.

Samus: [Thinking]I have to be careful.[/Thinking]



Samus: [Thinking]What is that robot? According to my scans, it's off unknown technology..Perhaps it's here to stop this mysterious apocalypse.[/Thinking]



Samus: (Stares for a second) How do you know my name?

Arm canon glows behind her back just in case



Oh no - this again. Honestly guys if you don't want to participate in the role play then don't. Don't do it just to troll or ruin it for others.

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@Varia01 There were people trolling BEFORE Me! Besides,I believe there's already a Thread for this,But it died. I'll search through all the Dead Threads to see if I can find it...
EDIT: Found.

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hey guys, if you want to genuinely participate in this thread, please feel free to do so. however, if you're just here to make trouble...

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future of NL >:3
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