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On March 10th, we celebrate Ninternational Mario Day. This is a day where you can get those last few star coins in NSMBU, race your buddies on Mario Kart 7, or make Mario a huge cake, for no real reason.

Really there's not a big reason for celebrating, except March 10th can be written as MAR10, which looks like MARIO.

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That's very interesting. I hadn't noticed that MAR 10 made Mario. Well, I'll make sure to pay some honor to the plumber and do some Mario on that day. Yahooo!

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MAR 10 Used to be the day my Nintendo Power subscription ended. (No I wasn't the guy who wrote the letter about it and got featured u-u).
But this is a pretty cool idea, I'll definitely work on my Paper Mario games.

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I'll have to find a way to celebrate this.

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As good an excuse as any to play some Sonic 2 I think.



I quite like the idea of a Mario Day

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I know another one of the months and days making a weird combination for Star Wars fans. May 4th. For them it's "May the 4th be with you."

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A Mario day in the year of Luigi


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MrSRArter wrote:

A Mario day in the year of Luigi

I was just thinking this. Mario is so jealous.


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