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Hi everyone! I come here today to offer my fellow Nintendo fans a way to interact with each other through raidcall. Although a forum can be fun, communicating through chat and speech can be more convenient and allow conversation to flow more freely, which is perfect for online play or simply discussing your common favorite games with your friends. For now, I have a basic channel setup for NintendoVerse, but as members join and more suggestions pour in, I will add channels and functionality .

If you are not a member of raidcall or have not installed it, I highly recommend it. Although it's primary use is mmo;'s, it can be used for many other hobbies or topics as well.

How to join?

Just make a raidcall account, download and install the free software(perfectly safe I assure you, and search for this id: 5239162

Once you come into the room, I will then add you and the discussion will then begin.

Anyway, I thank you for your time and eagerly await the opportunity to meet you all!

For any questions or concerns leave a comment here and I will try to reply back in a timely manner.



Gioku wrote:

Try advertising in your signature. It's generally frowned upon to start threads advertising other websites.

I see your point, but im more or less advertising a channel in the app and not the website itself. The website is only a link to the program., but I do apologize for the misconception.



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