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Machu wrote:

Yes, obviously. But I thought Nintendo were trying to recapture the 'core' gamers as they call them. Stuff like this, scares them off.

Nintnedo had good commerical in the beginning - 'Wii would like to play' was brilliant. As far as 'celebrities' - how can they be celebrated persons if I , orlick, do not know who they are?

So Nintendos marketing does blow, but you are crazy if you think Nintendos most ferveant and loyal customers, the hardcore, are scared off. They are closet causlas anyway, they buy all the games.


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It's what happens when your culture revolves around celebrities.

For what it's worth, they annoy me as well. Almost to the point where I pine for those Xbox commercials to be shown in their place. The one with the labotomy patient as the camera pans round her head to show a concert inside her head.

Funnily enough, I can't recall any interesting Nintendo adverts in the last 10 years because they've either been complete dump or non-existent.

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Ant n' Dec

Who the **** are these so-called "celebrities" you speak of?
/the pictures look like just any random "person off the street" style casting job to me

Also... I'm noticing that the Little Mac Punch-Out ad is the only one in this topic I've actually seen before.

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we may find the 'tee hee, watch a celebrity play Wii/DSi games' commercials insipid, but if the unwashed masses are really eating it up, Nintendo's gotta do what they've gotta do to keep sales up at the moment. whatever it takes to keep their numbers in the black, y'know?

(i reeeeeeeally hate the stupid celebrity commercials... seriously, who gives a rat's behind if Carrie Underwood likes playing her DS while she's on tour, or if Beyonce can't play Rhythm Heaven for crap? ugh... i just mute them as they come on now. :/)

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Who IS Beyonce? everyone always talks about her but idk who she is and dont feel like using wikepedia
The BIS commercial was awesome what are you talking about?! Sure it was alittle...stupid and kinda.....dumb and sure the kids couldn't say mario right but other than that the commercial was...uh...great?

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If the commercials with celebrities work and help push more people towards the Wii, then I'm all for it. Nintendo knows they don't really have to advertise for the "core" gamers, most of us buy whatever they put out without any questions, so what's the point?

However, that Punch-Out!! commercial is one of my favorites. We're gonna be saying sayonara to him.

That's Japanese for goodbye.

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I honestly don't care about commercials, especially nowadays where most of the information about video games is online so I know if a game looks good, or bad. Those people who do use commercials to decide on what to buy will eventually learn that they should have done more research on their purchases.

SuperSonic1990 wrote:

Nintendo has horrible commercials, but the commercial that pisses me off the most is the Mario & Luigi:Bowser's Inside Story commercial. It's a bunch of kids talking about the game...and they PROUNOUCED MARIO'S NAME MARY-O!! That shows that Nintendo has lost their touch in comercials.

Do you know that people have been mispronouncing Mario's name since the Atari days? So I guess Nintendo has been making bad commercials since then. >_>

VGP wrote:

& Here's the reason why Klonoa Wii didn't do so well selling.

I have never seen a commercial in the US for Klonoa Wii. By the accent of the narrator, I say it’s an Australian commercial. Anyway, I've heard that the Klonoa series have never sold very well, so your so called "reason why Klonoa Wii didn't do so well selling" is not valid.

J+Bitties wrote:

1. Those that complain about shovelware look upon past generations with rose colored glasses. The original Nintendo, Genesis, SNES, 64, PS1, PS2, etc all had an insane amount of shovelware. That's fact, not the grand and golden portrayal that is in most gamers heads that only greatness was released on these systems.

2. They're not nearly old enough to recall number 1.

In the end, this whole shovelware argument is nuts because it's an issue you can avoid. If what gets you hot in life is shovelware, then congrats, you lead the most laid back life ever with zero problems OR you're WAY too high strung.

I guarantee, in two generations, no one will talk about the shovelware on the Wii. All that will get talked about, like in every past generation, are the great games.


I remember playing some horrible games on the SNES like Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and Batman Forever. On the NGC, they were Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Heroes, Pac-Man Fever, and more.

People seems to forget about the bad games they played back in their old days and only remember the good ones. Just look at AVGN's videos and see how many bad games there were all the way back in the Atari days. Even though he exaggerates a bit, he does point out of why the games he plays are bad.

I too just ignore the shovelware on the Wii and focus on the good games. People just puts to much focus on the bad games, and ignore the good ones. They let it cloud their judgment, and I think its just sad.


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@MuljoStpho: Chill man, if you'd takin' a second to click on my face you'd have seen I'm from the UK, you are from the US (I clicked on your face ). Thanks for your input.

And yes, the Punch-Out ad for the win, by far, and that is the precise reason I'd like Nintendo to do more like that. That advert was watched all over youtube and probably still is, AND it will be remembered fondly in 10/20 yrs by nostalgic Ninty fans. I'm gonna re-state my hatred for the lazy advertising tactics displayed by Nintendo of late, I'm beyond caring about profit's and margins when they are ****ing wasting them on Ant n' Dec, whilst increasing the Wii price tag. Me, and everyone I know, laugh at them and mock them when they appear on telly, then bow our heads in shame. But then, we don't watch X-Factor, so what do we know.

Nintendo might be popular at the moment, but they aint cool.


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Ant and Dec are one step to far into dirge, why couldn't they swap with Swift Cover and get Iggy Pop doing the Ninty Adverts, that would be fun But on a serious note I don't give a bilge what advertising campaign Nintendo are rumming at the moment "To target a particular demographic". As long as there are still games coming out that I enjoy then that's cool with me, and i currently have a backlog of games to buy and play so its all good in the hood, at least for now.





VGP wrote:

@Link-Hero:Back in May before Klonoa Wii came out in the US,I saw that commercial almost every day.& I know Klonoa isn't popular,but what i'm trying to say is that the commercial was bad & it really wasn't influencing people to buy it.

Klonoa aside, I think it's a reach to say it wasn't influencing anyone and it really goes back to my comment that we all idealize our past WAY too much. This commercial is no different than any of the horrible GI Joe or Transformers ads when we were kids, but did we ever complain then? Nope, because we looked at the kids playing with the toys and said, "Holy man, I want to be doing that right now!". Look at those adds now that you're older...they're terrible. The Klonoa add, plain and simple, wasn't aimed at you, it was aimed at kids. Unless you're 10 or 12, then I don't know if you come even close to having the right perspective to accurately comment on the add.



J+Bitties wrote:

The Klonoa add, plain and simple, wasn't aimed at you, it was aimed at kids.

Hence why it didn't sell.


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I didn't want to bump this, as I'll just get more people saying "who cares if it's cool, it sells", but I have just had my first taste of Ant & Dec advertising Wii. I was just sat here watching the news quietly, then the advert break kicked in. Next thing you know my eyes are bleeding.

I don't care what anyone says. I strongly disagree with giving these gimps a million pounds each to, just to chat s*** and lick each others cheesy faces whilst 'enjoying Nintendo'. Lovely new website though, especially the Mario Kart race... Untitled

Rant over. oh no it isn't!!!



Bring back Rik Mayall!

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^^ Give that man a prize!!

I love Rik Mayall... 3 million times more than Ant & Dec. He knows how to do proper cheese.

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Seriously, I have just been subjected to it again. I may have to stop watching television entirely, because this isn't doing my health any favours.

Now, through the wonders of YouTube, I can share my pain with the world. Be warned!

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Yeah, the marketing is stupid, but they have to think about the rest of the people on Earth who DON'T have brains.

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