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@Stuffgamer1: Yeah, it's the one that came with Chrono Trigger DS.

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surprisingly i don't have any Nintendo posters in my room

although i do have some Mario figures and collectibles, but no posters


The only poster I have is the chrono trigger one that came with the DS version, but I only put it up when friends are coming over so I can hide some secret stuff that I wrote on my wall.

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Two NP posters for Twilight Princess, and an old Sonic Adventure 2 poster.

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I only have the Wind Waker Sea Chart poster that came with the prima guide.

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Sweet, we found a poster common among three people! The pointless things are always the best.

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I have tons from those nintendo power magazines that i used to subscribe to, but my parents dont let me stick stuff onto walls, even with tape, so ya i cant put em up. I also have a 60 page book from nintendo power that is just 30 posters (1 covers 2 pages, i got it cuz of them screwing up my order) and i havent put em up or cut any out. I prolly have around 150-180 posters in magazines or in books all in my basement neglected

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I've got a Super Smash Bros. poster that came with a magazine but it's not on the wall.

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Machu wrote:

A not so limited edition (mines #10000) Zelda Twilight Princess picture with Shigsy's sig, which came free with an issue of ONM. I put it in a silver frame and it looks yum!

(trying to find a picture of it rather than upload one grr)(I'll be back!)

EDIT: Yay found it...

While i was there i saw this, what the hell is goin' on here?!?

i have that one too ^^

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I have some ONM posters around. Thats about it... nothing special



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