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Nintendo's philosophy has always revolved around the family friendly experience and such a fact has lead to the company's slow progression into the online arena. The quality of experiences within the living room space have been a greater priority than the rising concept of global gaming.

With all of that said, the current expectations of your average multiplayer fanatic will present both new opportunities and challenges for the company. And looking at how the company is making strides with online offerings such as Miiverse it will be interesting to see if they join Sony and Microsoft in the basics of their approach or expand the established family theme in a way similar to facebook. Either way we must prepare for Nintendo to take on the world of connectivity in providing their next great multiplayer concept.

Update: Thanks for your comments guys. Those who commented early may recognize that the entire thread has been rewritten. In result, it is a lot shorter and gets to the point. That is in response to your insightful criticisms. I'm not the best writer, but I love doing it. Looking forward to more comments so keep 'em comin'.

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You should use the Enter button more.

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And use less full stops.


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Maybe these users need to post a response with more than 5 words... No wait on second thought please don't.



I don't think using large, complex words is hammering your point home.
And just to be that guy you forgot to capitalize and correctly punctuate a sentence at the end of the paragraph.

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kloudd wrote:

Thank you for reading. Looking forward to your comments and I hope you will be looking forward to my next blog.

I do hate to burst your bubble, but this is Nintendo Life, not your personal blog. If you'd like to create a free blog, there's always Wordpress, Blogger, LiveJournal, and GreatestJournal out there, as well as Tumblr if you'd like to have a more non-traditional blog of sorts. When you've created yours, you're more than welcome to link us to it via your user signature. That way, as users see you out and around contributing constructively to other topics on our forums, they may choose to visit and read if they so desire. Good luck! :3

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