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You Got: A Perfect Peach (Animal Crossing)
Inserts Coin
Inventory: Christ, I don't remember...

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You get a: Beanie Baby

Insert Coin

Inventory: Capture Styler (Pokemon Ranger), Dusty Hammer (Paper Mario 64), P-Wing

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You got a King Hippo Plushy (Punch Out)

Inventory Perfect Peach

Insert Coin

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You got..... a feather from a Cucco!
Inserts coin
Inventory: Pit's Dirty Tunic, Palutena's hair, Complete Nintendo week series, the p! in Doopliss, Zelda picture, Boo Plushie, Duracell battery, message-in-a-bottle, reset bomb (whoa that thing is huge!), Inigo Dancing picture, Banana peel, Cattlesnake Hide boots, Majora mask video game (cursed!), Bulborb, Super Mushroom!, Marsh-mellow Mallo., Pete the Mailman's Feathers, Bumped thread, Ocarina of time (N64) Poke-ball.

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