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THAT'S better.

Let's got: A Cracked Baseball Bat!

inserts coin

Inventory: Edgeworth's pink suit (no cravat), Layton's top hat, Jalhalla's Lantern, an NES Advantage (which I consider to be a gaming DISadvantage...stupid joystick)

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You got:
An autographed photo of Eugene Wrayburn in mid-tantrum


Inventory: Kirby's "star" "rod", FLUDD, a poison mushroom




You got: R.O.B.

Inserts coin...

Inventory: A Tetramino (yes!), Mia's sweaty headband,



You got: diddy kong's hat

Inserts coin

inventory: nothing



You got: Bowser's poached tail

Inserts Coin

Inventory: "Hugo" the goomba, some worthless protoplasm, DK tie, another DK tie (trade anyone?), Bowser's giant toilet, some virtual dog crap, the poltergeist 3000, an annoying mudkip, Hammer bros. suit

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You got: Victorian-era Peach "erotica"

Inserts Coin

Inventory: nothin'

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You got: Super Mario World fire flower (the one that turns enemies into coins).

Inserts coin

Inventory: Bowser's poached tail



You got:a Bombchu with no fuse.

Inserts coin using a bow and arrow

Inventory: Djinni Flint, an E-Tank and a large pile of old GBA instruction booklets.

The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


You got:
A date with Tingle!


Inventory: Kirby's "star" "rod", FLUDD, a poison mushroom, R.O.B.




I'm not going on that date.

You got: A water damaged issue of Nintendo Power.

Insertius coinius

Inventory: Djinni Flint, an E-Tank, a large pile of old GBA instruction booklets and a date with Tingle.

The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


You got: An Expansion Pack

insert coin

inventory: the warp whistle, Mario's detachable moustache, a letter from princess Peach, Samurai Ghoro's Katana, an even smaller angry Toad mob! (yummie ), Samus' arm cannon, DK barrel

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@Stuffgamer1: I didn't insert a coin in my last post because i'd just given you something, and i didn't want to give you something twice in a row, lol. it seems weird to have two people going back and forth for a while in this thread. :3 anyway...

@Twilight Crow:
you got: a copy of Battletoads for the NES! enjoy that pause-screen music. :3
insert coin
inventory: Mario keychain, Ocarina of Time (ta ta ta ta, lol), Doopliss' parrot, Majora's Mask, Link's earring

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You got:
Epona's poopsack


Inventory: Kirby's "star" "rod", FLUDD, a poison mushroom, R.O.B., a water-damaged issue of Nintendo Power




You get: A Glee Club Chorus Boy's songbook

Inserts coin for the very first time.....

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You got wario's nose.

inserts coin

inventory:a dog...

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You got a spike from Bowser's shell

Inserts coin

Inventory: Super Mario World fire flower

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You got a burrito so hot that you cannot eat it.

Inserts Coin

Inventory: enegy tank, starfox 2

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You got: A wet burlap bag full of Nintendogs puppies pulled from Lake Hylia
Inserts Coin
Inventory: NES, The Super Mario Bros Super Show Box Set, Meowth's hairball!

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@Stuffgamer1: I'm sorry that I didn't comment on the yo-yo joke from StarTropics last night; I was half asleep but I did get the joke! I feel honored to receive Mike's yo-yo so thank you! I also refuse to call it the Island Star; its a yo-yo and will always be one despite what Nintendo says! I finally downloaded StarTropics yesterday so I now have it and love it!

Back to the vending machine:

inserts coin

you got: Meowth's hairball!

inventory: Stone of Agony, Mike's yo-yo(Island Star"Ugh") and a life-sized plush of Kirby



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