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I fall in the group of gamers who think Nintendo should keep devloping only for their own proprietary hardware. I think that is best for the company and gamers. However, I don't think they do a very good job with some other things, mainly marketing. In fact I recently read an article detailing the troubles of marketing the Gamecube. one of my favorite systems.

So why doesn't Nintendo have an App? The eShop is great (ok it's alright), but it's only available on Nintendo systems. Not to mention Nintendo Directs, which can only be watched live on their website, with a later video being posted on the eShops. Wouldn't it make too much sense for them to take advantage of these hugely popular smartphones by having an App that could display the eShop, Miiverse, Nintendo Directs (LIVE!), etc? I'd bet there are millions of people out there who know about Nintendo, know the characters, played and loved some games, but just haven't played anything recently. This is a way for Nintendo to reach that HUGE group of people, who actually love Nintendo, they just don't own a new system, or frequent gaming sites.

I love Nintendo and I want them to succeed, but I think in this rapidly evolving entertainment world, they need to speed things up in a lot of ways. I'd say the steps they have been making are the right ones (Minus the color choices for 2DS/3DS) , but they are moving slower than grandpa and that's not good.

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I totally agree, the playstation app is really good, it has a blog with news and interviews and the whole ps store, you can purchase games on your phone while in work and they'll be downloaded by the time you get home - something like that would be so cheap to implement and would help nintendo a lot



Could have access to the nintendo network premium and club nintendo pages too amongst tons of other features to make it easier to be a nintendo fan.



It would help Nintendo market, definitely.

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Weren't they planning to make one for the eshop?

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Well, they made a Pokédex app, so they're certainly not opposed to making smartphone apps.

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weren't they saying there would be a miiverse app for mobile platforms(smartphones), 3DS and PC?

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