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Omega wrote:

I would only watch this if the presenters are naked.

Wait till you see what we look like before making such requests



I'm scared


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Josh at Wiifolder does do a pretty good job of it with the "weather reporter" style of putting himself in front of the screen -- really good stuff. I agree with BassXO that there's too much "kid in front of a camera talking" or "camera aimed at tv with a weird angle" both badly edited. If I watch game footage on Youtube it's strictly game footage I'm looking for like "let's play" or a speed-run. I hate the way people will overdub some crappy pop/rock song over it as well.

I wouldn't want to try it on my own because I lack the vidcap rig and I wouldn't profess to doing good video editing (I'm lucky if I can edit my own text!), but if there was a crew in a studio (even a home studio) where I didn't have to worry about the technical stuff I'd be happy to have a go in front of a camera ranting/praising.

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I totally agree Sean - if I were to record one here it'd be me in front of my 32" TV, obviously not using professional equipment, a studio, editing or even presenting or script!

I'll certainly check out Josh at Wiifolder and see if there's anything we could use in case we do ever look at video reviews or a round-up in future. I'd love to do it, but maybe it should go on the backburner for a few years until we can afford a professional crew


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