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Hey NLifers. I thought I would come here since Nintendo Force's website doesn't offer any kind of help whatsoever. So I subscribed to this excellent magazine over a month ago, and since then it seems the March/April issue has been released. It's almost April and I haven't received my copy. Have you guys received yours yet? If so where are you from? I'm on the east coast of the US. Anyone know an email address I can use to get ahold of someone there? I know for sure I subscribed because I have the receipt in my Paypal account, however I must have accidentally deleted the email (if I ever got one).


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did you subscribe for digital, physical, or both? If digital, that version has already been released and you should've gotten an e-mail — if you didn't (or if you accidentally deleted it), they've asked on their facebook for people to get in touch at [email protected] to have it re-sent to you. if it's physical, i believe the latest word was 'soon' on the 22nd, as it had just hit the printers. I know I haven't received mine yet, but i hope to see it soon :3

that said, our main Nintendo Force thread can be found here if you'd like to discuss the magazine with everyone else. Enjoy! :3

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