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It seems everyone(or a lot) at NL are shy IRL. So that made me think.Does being a Nintendo fan made us shy because most people game on PS360.Or is there no relation and its just a coincidence.Or am I just wrong.

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I'm not shy...


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I generally don't talk about Nintendo at school (Pokemon in particular >_<) for the reason you stated- most people are hooked on the 360 and are too busy to respect us. A lot of the people who do talk about them (Namely Pokemon) are sometimes picked on; not brutally, but it's still rather ridiculous. But there are other Ninty fanboys I've found and we talk about the company almost every day, whether it's amongst louder chatter, or on a paper, but it's still rather private for my case. I'm not known as a shy kid, really I'm a bit outgoing... but that would be a remark from people who have no idea I like the franchises I do. It seems I can talk about anything but what I like in video games- otherwise, I've accpeted myself as very talkative.
People who really go out and talk about what they like all the time, sometimes bringing their DSes to school, I'm friends with a lot of them... but they really are a bit made fun of at my school.

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I never said every one is a Nintendo fan is shy.

I,as of this year 9th grade have been more confident and outgoing of Nintendo even though everyone thinks it sucks.There are still those few people that like Nintendo though.


Being shy because you enjoy a specific kind of video game indicates you have much bigger issues on your plate.

People on the internet tend to be socially awkward and shy. Nintendolife's community is no different than the others.

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Though my group of friends is particularly small, I have the pleasure in attending a nice public school where there's quit the amount of kind people, and there aren't many introverts, as there's a group for everyone. I also have the pleasure of knowing a bunch of big Nintendo fans, along with overall gaming enthusiasts (went with a bunch of 'em to PAX East).

Of course, my childhood friends are the ones that use Xboxes and the like, so a lot of the time I'm out of sync with them, which has led me to being a bit quiet around them. I used to also be a bit nervous around social people, being afraid that they would bring up something that 'everybody knows about' and, being the more to-myself person I was, would have no clue what they were talking about.

Since then I've learned to be more vocal, and that I have things to say that others want to hear, contrary to my earlier fears.

TLDR; at one point not so much any more im too cool for school

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I wouldn't say all Nintendo fans are introverts. While I myself am very shy, I have some friends (the few I do have) who like Ninty and are quite loud..

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First off I just have to say that being shy or socialy awkward is different than being an introvert. I myself am an introvert, but I don't really think it has to do with Nintendo or the gaming console I choose. I'm not a super outgoing person, but I'm not shy and I'm comfortable around others. I don't have a huge group of friends, but I do enjoy talking about games with them, whether they be Nintendo or not.

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So become Sony fans instead.

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I'm actually a little bit of a motermouth, i can literally talk for hours even with people who don't exactly have the same intrests as me(Some of ze' interests > Gaming, Drawing, Horror movies, everything 80's, cartoons ect). I believe in communication, just being open and getting whatever it is off of your chest instead of keeping it all boggled down in this inside ect ect Life is short after all.

The downside? At times i suffer from some pretty nasty anxiety. Back in High school i was a little shy depending on what class i was in, but overall most of the people knew me as the crazy 'awesome artist dude' and i absolutely loved to make people laugh. Art class was my comfort zone i guess you could say. Yet I broke out of that akward & semi shy, insicure confusing high school faze just before i hit 19. Many teenagers completely forget and fail to realise that there's LIFE beyond high school.

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High school problems. Lol. Alcohol will help you guys with your shyness.*

*Just kidding, don't really drink alcohol.

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brooks83 wrote:

High school problems. Lol. Alcohol will help you guys with your shyness.

I second this. a 6-pack will get ya talking to beautiful betsy down the block. lol That, or disgusting debbie depending on how clueless you are with your brand spankin' new set of beer goggles. Hienikin(probably spelt that wrong) was my first. Drinking for the first time is so exciting when you're a teen, ahem, i mean legal teen. here in Canada it's 19 tee hee.

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but seriously drink alcohol and post on the internet. It'll make things more fun.

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WaveBoy wrote:

brooks83 wrote:

High school problems. Lol. Alcohol will help you guys with your shyness.

I second this. a 6-pack will get ya talking to beautiful betsy down the block. lol That, or disgusting debbie depending on how clueless you are with your brand spankin' new set of beer goggles.

I wish there was a way to thumbs up (or "Yeah!") posts here haha



I don't think enjoying Nintendo has anything to do with social skills. Nintendo fans teeeeeennnnd (and this is tenuous) to be nicer people, in the same way that JRPG fans tend to be nicer people.

Forum users do tend to hang on the shyer side though. I wouldn't say I'm terribly shy - although I hide my social anxiety more than anything else. I sorta suffer from anxiety, since it comes and goes, but it hasn't caused me too much trouble when I'm talking to people. Perhaps it helps that I don't take myself too seriously.

And as far as using alcohol to get over shyness... There's nothing wrong with shyness! Shyness is cool!

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

It'll make things more fun.

He's right. I'm intoxicated 90% of the time I post on this site and there's not a regret to be found.

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