Topic: Nintendo E3 investor meeting (Nintendo meets investors at E3: AC sets eShop record, 2014 lineup, first F2P game )

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Nintendo analyst briefing-saying uk market share of 3ds in uk has grown from 19% in jan-mar, 23% in apr and 26% in may

Nintendo saying animal crossing boosted US 3DS sales by 4x versus prior week and set digital sales record in eShop

Nintendo saying 3DS lineup next year will be strong and not have intervals driven by 1st party titles

Nintendo plans to turn wifi access points of 28k in usa and 24k in eu into streetpass relay stations to boost streetpass usage ex japan

Nintendo aims to use 1st party wiiu games to boost hardware sales and 3rd party will follow

Nintendo plans to boost digital sales with launches like new super luigi u but also the first free to play game

Nintendo saying 3ds success in Japan is proof specialist hardware can succeed in smartphone era


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