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Here's the deal.

I know that whenever I write in the forums or in comments I tend to come out as pessimistic or negative nelly as one might say. Truth is I am a massive Nintendo fan and have been that for almost thirty years.

For that I made this simple Nintendo Bingo. It is a blank bingo canvas with 24 spaces that you can fill in any way that you wish from the 42 pieces also in the image.

And here is the catch. Whomever gets the most complete rows (vertical, horizontal and diagonal combined) I will buy that person a Switch game of their choice from the eShop with a maximum value of 20€

If this is somehow illegal or completely forbidden here in the forums let me know that and I will of course delete the thread.

Also if you don't want to print and cut and take pictures you can download gimp file with layers from underlying post. Also if links to dropbox files are not allowed let me know.




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