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Granted. Nintendo focuses entirely on their legacy content through Gamecube, but never supports any new content ever again.

I wish that we could reverse climate change.

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Granted but it will be as wild as Neptune's storm (2,400 kph)

I wish i have diamonds from planet Uranus.

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Granted, but they’re all beads and can never be cleaned.

I wish it would rain.


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Granted. It's acid.

I wish for money (September is too busy)



Granted. On the N64.

I wish my laptop would stop lagging



Granted, everything begins running at speeds so fast you can't discern what's happening.
Then the laptop bursts into flames.

I wish the Links Awakening remake had a copy of the original included on the cart

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Granted. It's saturated in the original puke green color with low visibility to boot, for that "authentic Game Boy feel".

I wish Xenoblade Chronicles X would be ported to the Switch as a Definitive Version.



Granted, Nintendo cancelled it in favor of Xenoblade Chronicles X Amiibo Festival releasing on Switch.
i wish for Baby Mario to be a playable fight in Smash Bros Ultimate

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im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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granted, but he's the most hated smash addition and is the lowest in the tier list.

I wish Nintendo would make a Links Awaking styled remake of the Mother Trilogy (and Localize it)


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Granted. They're exclusive to mobile devices.

I wish Monster Hunter World was ported to Switch and it ran as well as Switcher III.



Granted. It turns out everything we've seen of Switcher III is bullshots and the actual game runs worse than ARK.

I wish Lloyd Irving was in Smash Bros.

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Granted. Though his representation is limited to a Spirit.

I wish that the two Zelda Oracle games were being remade akin to Link's Awakening

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Granted, but playing it makes you sick...

I wish Mario Kart Tour wasn't hot garbage

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Granted. It’s now a full fledged Mario Kart game, but it’s so successful Nintendo never makes another console Mario Kart

I wish Injustice 2 came to Switch and ran well

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granted, its exclusive to Switzerland and its the only region locked switch game

i wish cartoon network revived ok ko and still kept the quality of the show the same


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Granted. but they never air it because they would rather show Teen Titans GO and the only way to watch it is to sneak into CN headquarters and steal the flashdrive containing all the new episodes.

I wish the switch eshop had backround music.

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Granted, but all the background music is from Hello Kitty.

I wish I can read people's minds to scare them.

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@Diddy64 Granted, but you become deaf so can only hear peoples thoughts not what they are saying.

I wish there was a quicker and cleaner way of travelling the world than planes


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Granted, solar powered aircraft become practical. However political opponents to clean technology spread propaganda that slanders anyone who uses them.

I wish I had a good excuse to take the rest of the week off of work.

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Granted, you are dead.

I wish a Hero Of Time HD collection was released this Christmas, containing both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask updated to HD with quality of life improvements.

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