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Granted, the game is considered a bad influence due to the people stomping on every insect, which make the monarch butterfly extinct. Thus we never see Thwomp again on a Nintendo game, nor his game.

I wish the brother of Bowser from SMB The Lost Levels return in a Mario Odyssey-esque game.

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Granted, but he is a bear hugger from now one.

I wish trials of mana whould be released now

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Granted. It is filled with many bugs and is blamed on your impatience. Well done you've made enemies with half of this site.

I wish i had pizza



Granted, but it has Broccoli on the top.

I wish i can play The Sims My Little Ponies.

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Granted, but it's a gory top-down game in which your Sims have to eradicate all My Little Ponies using chainsaws.

I wish Bannerlord would finally get released.



Granted. It turns out to be a mobile ftp game

I wish for Sweet Popcorn

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