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Would y'all like to see Nintendo make a Hero Shooter? I have liked their take on Racing with Mario Kart, shooters with Splatoon and Fighting with Smash Bros./ARMS. It also looks like an open market, since the only other Hero Shooters are Overwatch and Paladins.



@Kinoen It's an interesting idea. If Nintendo went ahead and made one for their own machine, it would obviously be refined for said machine, so there would be no worries about framerate and such. But would it be a new IP? I think it would kinda have to be, because I can't well see Nintendo giving Mario... well actually they did give him guns in Mario+Rabbids so I suppose it's not impossible anymore.

So yeah, I think I would be down for a Super Shooter Brothers of Nintendo characters. I think Nintendo could make something pretty fun with that.

But I don't think it is remotely likely to happen.

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