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Which are the best Nintendo 3D console ever? (Switch still ongoing so it's doesn't count hehe)



Wii > Wii U > Gamecube > N64
Wii has a lot of good games. Wii U & Gamecube have lesser games than Wii. But Wii U is backward compatible with Wii, so buy Wii U = Wii U + Wii, you can play both Wii U and Wii games. Wii machine can play both Wii and Gamecube games. The 3D on N64 are still Ouch... not really good 3D rendering.

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1. Dance Dance Revolution series
2. The Sims series
3. Portal Knights Switch version
4. Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS

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GameCube by a mile. Such a great console.

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Gamecube. It had the best third party support out of those systems, it wasn't full of shovelware like the Wii and had games to play unlike the Wii U. The N64 was good but hasn't aged as well as the GC.

Although @the_shpydar has a good point too

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What kind of question even is this? GameCube, of course (though Switch has already overtaken its top spot). N64, then Wii and miles, miles, miles, miles below all three of them lays WiiU dead in a bottomless pit.

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Never really understood the GC praise. The best/most memorable games I played on it was SSBM, Prime and RE4, overall I would rank it fairly close to the WiiU.

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I'd say
Wii > Gamecube > Nintendo 64 > Wii U

Wii is an easy winner since it can plays both its own games and Gamecube games. And both Wii and Gamecube had many fantastic games, many masterpieces and hidden gems as well

I'm not a big fan of Nintendo 64 and Wii U. I say that Nintendo 64 is better than Wii U but I think probably this could be due to the fact that Wii U was such a big disappointment for me coming after two different consoles that I love so much, while on the other hand I recently discovered some games I missed on the Nintendo 64 back then that I like and did not know back then, but all considered I don't like that much any of those two consoles.

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N64, GameCube, and Wii >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wii U

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Pikmin, Wind Waker, SSBM, Metroid Prime, Monkey Ball, Skies of Arcadia Legend etc. Tons of great games.

Plus the best controller (& a commitment to it).


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@Tasuki Totally agree with everything you said there.



N64 > Wii > GC > WiiU real logic - just put them in order of how much fun I had with each!

The N64 was the console of my childhood - gave me so much it'll be difficult to top!
The Wii had something for everyone, which meant I could play it with anyone - Grandad included! Magic!
The GC was great - just didn't play it as much as the other 2...
...and the less said about the WiiU the better! (although, it could be argued that it was a necessary stepping-stone to get to the Switch - so not all bad!)

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SNES>N64>Wii U>Wii>Gamecube

I don't see why so many people love the gamecube. Didn't seem to have that many great exclusives compared to the other consoles. Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime and Wind Waker are the only really essential games on the system for me.
I never got round to playing Thousand Year Door though, so maybe that'd be on the list too.
Beyond that, I love RE4 and Skies of Arcadia. Both of which were also on other platforms.

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@Tasuki Indeed. Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, Super Monkey Ball, Viewtiful Joe, Tales of Symphonia, Resident Evil, Soul Calibur II, Killer7, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, Eternal Darkness...the list goes on...

Adding Nintendo's own games, like F-Zero GX, METROID Prime 1 + 2, and two Zelda titles and you got my favorite Nintendo console since the Super NES.

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