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We all know that by now we're well into this console generation, and I was wondering if anyone had any idea about what the next console generation might be like.
Also Nintendolife, what are your plans for the future when the Wii's successor is released?



In 2010 or 2011



Well all i know is nintendo are making another wii called Wii HD or Wii 2 and its gonna be a lot different then the first wii and its gonna be out in 2011

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IMO, this generation should last at least 10 years. Half of Nintendo's customers only bought a Wii for Wii Sports. You think they're going to turn around and buy it again? Sony needs to keep pushing the PS3, and Microsoft...I don't pay much attention to them.

And on all sides of the pond, no one has taking complete advantage of any console. This time last generation, there were games that were beginning to push the consoles. If they haven't fully used this technology, why would they release a new console that is only a little more advanced?

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I don't think the Wii is going to come out as soon as 2011, and if that's already been announced, then that's ludicrous, because we've barely gotten into this generation so far. The farther we get into the evolution of gaming, the longer it's taking for things to catch on, I think. 5 years isn't enough, with how expensive consoles are today. I know I usually am not able to afford to buy any new consoles until about three years in. I didn't buy the Wii until last November, and I still don't have a DS, nor will I ever. I can't afford all the new crap that's coming out.

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usaly we hear rumors and hints nearly a year before anything is even confermed and then we still have to wait so at the earlyest I imagin 2012 for a new console.

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A new 360 will be overdue in the next 18 months, although Microsoft may use Natal as an excuse to release a Xbox 360 v2.

The others have at least three years to go. And there is exactly a 0% chance of Nintendo releasing a Wii HD before then (KillerInstinctFan is talking bull), and Sony has to reduce the price of the PS3 before they can talk about a PS4.

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KillerinstinctFan wrote:

Well all i know is nintendo are making another wii called Wii HD or Wii 2 and its gonna be a lot different then the first wii and its gonna be out in 2011

That was only a rumor, Iwata said so.


Source 2:

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Here is my take on the next generation. The systems we have currently (excluding the Wii) are powerful enough that with a fireware update they make a new experience which MS did with the 360. Now that being said we all know all three are making a new system and I bet Nintendo is ahead of the pack with that and will most likely announce a "Wii HD" in 2011 and will launch it in 2012. With that they will be on a level playing field with the other two. It will have HD graphics, built in better motion control, hopefully good online service, actual storage, and other multi media capabilities.

Now that being said I think digital distribution in the future (we are already getting that with current consoles and handhelds).

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If it's not backwards-compatible and won't allow me to download and run my downloaded games on it I'll have to think very hard about getting a future console of any kind.

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